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'sup, I'm Jess

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Something very hot i'm assuming... charzard too obvious of a guess?
Yeah, her nose looks a bit weird
despite being blind, Jeremy can still tell when the glasses chick is mad, lol
wait, is scar guy one of the knights in Rumple?
the bug gym leader looks like you actually, H0lyhandgrenade
is George going to the pokefan club and then to get a bike voucher?
Punishment for quitting: gang bash him, AKA put grunts every where, make him battle them, use up all his potions and then put an boss at the end hiding the HM

@Bumber: Yeah Silver is Giovanni's son. It's in the manga.
Sergio also looks like he gets his <3 eyes from Julius too
our favourite goth vampire and a sparkly vampire (?)
game route: get inside, fight everyone, find HM

anime route: ship sinks, everyone gets out except the hero, they start to drown, magicarp evolves into gyrados
poop shirt XD
uhhh... no I don't remember (-////-)
Atty's more likely to quit Rocket to go home and watch TV, then suddenly become 'good'. Also, George's got that natural psycho killer instinct
Haha, don't worry, it'll grow back XD

Also, I'm wondering if Atty's going to find mew two's cave early since he's already stuffing up the traditional path
the girls look as though they've gotten older. Is that their power, or just make up?
the last picture looks more like a worm wearing a bra, than glasses
harold is blonde!!??!
what could possibly be in the dark, scary cave?!
... arm? (goes back a few pages)... Did not notice that (--')
this is probably a gift from the dark lord that they candy golems are always talking about