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haha watch him get a boner!
Im in love with this comic, and cant stop laughing. Keep it up! Fighting!
@DaughterOfOwls: Congrats! I bet she is as lovely as your art!
Ahh so excited!! Gonna go spend money on you now <3
Hey gurl!
I'm loveing the side story, I always had a soft spot for Clot and getting to know this side of his life is awesome. Also getting to know Jude, he's so sassy/prissy I love it. Wile I do miss S&K I like the story opeing and growing along side your wrighting and art. Keep up the good work, and have a great day! Mkay bye *\(^o^)/*
It is sexy for being so old, it's like those old guys with hot wives, not so hot but I'll be that wife! Heck he's got lots of wives, just look at us all haha. I know I don't comment all the time but I'm always reading! Tbh I don't remember how I found this sight, or how I found your comic, but I remember when. It was the summer I spent living on my sisters couch. I believe before my senior year of high school, I'm now in my sophomore ear of college. I may not know how I found my way here but I know I stay for this story! This little thing that's grew, I'm proud of you!! Stay strong and know we always got your back :D love you, and your magic story telling.

Can't wait for this new ch, flash backs are always so heartbrakingly fun ;)
O H S H I T O H S H I T!
Your stepping up your game gurl! And I love it!! You know I think I've said this before but I'll say it again! I want your comic in book form so I can have it with me where ever I go. It's not enough to just save a page open to this comic on my phone at all time and to check it every night before I go to bed. I don't think you know how much I'm in love with these two boys you have given "birth" to! And I love you for being there momma. Like I never saw the flaws in your early drawings, but I have watched you grow as an artist and writer. You never fail to disappoint ^_^ OMG I'm sorry, I fan girl over this comic. Much love. KEEP BEING AWESOME!!xxx
I have to walk every where I go to, and my left foot has been bugging me so I had to get some shoe thingys in hopes it would help, so I feel ya pain sissta! Ha
I'm supper happy to hear you are still as excited about kaito shuno just as we are. Evadince of a greate story and characters right there. :)
As far as this "hater" person gos, It's sad to say, but maybe she is going threw some personal turmoil and can't do anything about it so instead she lashes out on something she can. Comics. I don't know what she said but from taking what other people have said here it can't be good.
Well that's all I got to say, but also, I wove youu haha
holy shit fuck :O
teehee i love these pages :3
:3 oooooo its getting so good :)
:DDDDDDD its getting so good :D
Hey.. Umm so yeahhh what's up with that next button? Lol jk! :3

*_* but really, keep it coming ;)
Hahaha I knew it was kaito ^\\3\\^
Lol why he got to be so mean for :3 I bet they going to have some nice sex when they get back home ;3
@Doesn't feel like signing in-cha: haha I agree with you, these pages look really great!!
@catqueen13: I don't think kaitos dad would be wareing what that guys wareing, he'd be in a suit. I would guess anyway, and that guy don't look old enuf to be kaitos dad, I'm guessing it's kaito :3
Oh oh and is that guy with the stash kaito in discize??! :3