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I really like video games and computers. I'm in college at Liberty University and I work at Best Buy. I don't have a lot of free time but when I do I love making comics. If you have any questions about my comic or anything technological just email me I'd be more than happy to help you out! :D
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Set this up in advance, hopefully I'll be able to stay on schedule :]
Hope everyone loves it :D
Back On Schedule!
Finally I'm back on schedule:]
I moved to college
I was delayed because i moved into college, sorry everyone, I'm putting the rest of the comics on a release scheduale so they will come out automatically.
I know, I spelled it that way cause it got cut off....
I hope you have seen it before
I used to have this comic about 3 years ago, and then I stopped, so I decided to get back into it, so i'm re-releasing it, to create a fanbase for my new material
Glad to be back in business!
Hope you guys like it :]
Hope you like it, This is my fav.
Sorry it's late on the update, I was planning on posting this at 11am but i had to go to work, the next one will be on a scheduale
I lied
So i had planned on not updating till tomorrow but i finished my new banner :D so I decided to go ahead and post just to see if it increased traffic at all :D

Hope you guys like it! ;]
#2 couldn't wait
So basically like i said when i posted the first one, I already have 28 of these made and... I was going to post them on a tuesday/thursday release scheduale, but the thing is..... I'm excited! After getting 3 fans on one update I decided to post another one just to see what would happen. In case you're wondering why the tuesday/thursday plan, it's so that I don't get behind, which is why I stopped before, I figure if I'm this far ahead it will keep a steady update stream where I "can't get behind"

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, I may go ahead and release the 3rd one tomorrow and then just stick to the tuesday/thursday thing, but either way here is the second one!

any questions feel free to email me or pm
This is the first...
I have 28 comics of this comic already made, the later ones look a lot better than this. I plan on posting every tuesday and thursday, please give me any critisizm that I need. I'm willing to listen. Just email me or PM me.