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Smiffy SMF <3
These comics are not an accurate representation of my writing whatsoever. This style of comedy limits me from what I can actually do. I have real material which I would like to share with the world eventually. Until then, I welcome you to a terrible place on the internet.
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@BuddyT: exactly gba clearly has a tsundere relationship with smf
@Guest: who da heck are you
@Syogren: drinking water : the game

anyways if anyone cares i posted some art of trix and lucy at reidy's, be sure to give that a gander
these characters are from my comic explanation unnecessary, if u dont know what that is i dont blame u :upsetchu:
true culinary work of art
thanks for going easy on my best pal neroe
and thus marks the end of this plot, hope you guys enjoyed the ride and man it fucking sucks being crippled
those were some sexy effects, good stuff
why do u crush my hopes like this