Smiffy SMF <3
plz just call me smiffy.

--officially returned april 2017--

Discord: Smiffy#1285
B.Net: Smiffy#11151
Steam: Smiffy
skype: mariofan10 (i like never fucking use it)
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god the fucking hidden sound effect spooked me
"can you please put me down?" TOO CUTE

also lets just say the wallet said: "please return to 1234 street street"
i forgot to show the monster going back home xd my bad
this is some weird porn
guest is me, my mistake xd
nooooooo why must all the good die young

also i'll make a comic sometime about jerry going: "damnit did no one take our town meeting seriously about this thing? we still have kids going out past curfew!"

trep's son: no spoilers ;3
3 missing children: trix, trudis, and lucy (cam called the cops i guessss)
illegal drug dealer: fakey and his bleach lel

also 4am is supposed to be 1am :^)


great update dell <3
LOL nice one!!! looking forward to more updates from you ya creative gal
quick filler i made showing trix how I make comics lel
@LightBlueBlaze: you're not the boss of me!!!
@WildfireK: no prob!
hand drawn, scanned then effects added? nice!
Wow, neat!