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Smiffy SMF <3
neon and dell can suck my peen bro
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@TimeSceo: more like sakurai x miyamoto
amazing gif update as usual, chaos
Thus marks the end of this chapter.

Join the EU crew next time for another depressing adventure..
Not everything has a happy ending.
I know I always leave a joke comment here with bad grammar but not today. This comic in a general sense has brought great joy to my life whether its the friends I've made, or the compelling story I've contributed to that I'm quite proud of, it has felt like a second home to my social life and has really lessened all the stress and junk I've been enduring in real life.

I've updated like crazy these past few days because I've legitimately been having a blast.

These next few comics speak a lot to me in general, as they not only bring back the nostalgia of one of my oldest Smackjeeves friends, but somewhat a metaphor for broken friendships anyone may come across in their life, myself included.

I ask anyone who's reading this comic to please, pursue the things you enjoy regardless of what people tell you. People can say Smackjeeves isn't as active anymore and this is a waste of time all they want. If you're enjoying yourself, it's not. That kind of decrypid mental state is what would lead you down a road of no motivation, and the drive and passion I and others have put into this comic have clearly spawned new blood, so to those with such hateful dispositions, say whatever you want.

You're wrong.

Thank you to everyone who enjoys reading EU, and also the updates I put out. The slightest hint of interest in my characters lore in particular brings a spark in my heart like no other, and aside from that I'm also very thankful to be in an author comic with some of the most wonderful people I've ever met.
this is the greatest update ever
this comic is amazing
@m.Delto: nobody cares about your delto x bayonetta ship
she's blue dabo dee dabo die
@Mister T: is that a problem :3
ive waited forever to post this
fucking amazing update