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i forgot to make this
@Littlegamer34: you should read the real one
the best plot asm will ever have
no need to be a dik
im in the cave
meanwhile someone in the distance is freaked out at spar talking to herself
@real commenter 1: damnit MSMN
fucking fuck the city's on fire jeff
@LimitlessGod: its cool, no prob. i encourage you read explanation unnecessary in the meantime
@LimitlessGod: i was the only one updating and it gets exhausting when there are so many characters to keep track of, a specific arc you're going for, and not much of the original magic kept with you due to most of the original authors being dead
good fucking update
@TheJGamer: no you've been kicked for being active in literally everything else
@G.B.A: shut up i know im late xd