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Smiffy SMF <3
i may look die but i want to fly

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statement: this is a good comic
do you think pigeons have feelings
i had a pretty decent time here but i got other comics on my plate, and this comic seems like the type that i can wait to rejoin in the future

worth the wait, good shit chaos
@Guest: i want to die
i guess you could say this is a sequel to fearless ferret

based on an actual convo between me ap and jerry
@Guest: ty, guest
@Bringer_of_light: leave my BEST FRIEND ALONE!!!!!!!
@Guest: good meme
so much work in one comic!!!!!!!!!!!
hey nice comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Smiffy SMF <3: oops forgot to log out
hey nice update!!
@Sike: good one
@r@|\|d0mdud3: Super Smash Nsider Melee, old dead forum me and G.B.A came from