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Smiffy SMF <3
These comics are not an accurate representation of my writing whatsoever. This style of comedy limits me from what I can actually do. I have real material which I would like to share with the world eventually. Until then, I welcome you to a terrible place on the internet.
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@Sonic11/Momo: if we're being real a couple of us did branch out and lose contact, but this year and a bit of last year has been like an SJ reunion, we even got a word out of S.L lmao,

if you ever wanna catch up brah just hit us up on disc. itd be nice to hear from you again
@Sonic11/Momo: ya dude it sure sucks having friends :((((
@Sonic11/Momo: everyones coming back this year
@Shard: no

you know the life you chose
thats an interesting luigi edit
@JovanW: its been around longer he just deleted and reuploaded
ik ur famous now but i want u to always remember the guy who wanted to fuck ur characters

also get me a job plz
@Sike: could be worse

you could be bald and have a big nose
can u like

stop being so talented
may i get a review of