Smiffy SMF <3
my name is Smiffy but some may know me as smifferz smifferoni smiffasaurus or SMF(supermariofan was my first username on this site lololol)

i've been making SHITTY sprite comics since 2007 and sometimes i got shit for it sometimes it was like hey man cool good nice (some are hidden from sj lel)

i left for a bit bc life sucks and i was super depressed and gave up on life and shit but came back in 2017 bc im ok now i guess and gonna just do author comics bc theyre fun and i like making friends so hi feel free to hit me up im a p nice guy

Discord: Smiffy#1285
B.Net: Smiffy#11151
Steam: Smiffy (YOU GET THE POINT)
skype: mariofan10
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That's all we need sometimes.
that's racist
@Legoalex-625: oh baby you've cracked the case :o
@DTHVaren: I don't think that's how stands work <:T
old comedic comic i made that i still find funny xd

nah the fearless ferret would
this comic took me 3 hours bc it cucked the first time and i wanted to cry remaking it

also some of the text wouldn't outline for some reason

anyway im back, right past my 10 year anniversary! enjoy... this.