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I'm an aspiring writer and artist who is surviving college life. I'm on a constant search to becoming better, and always eager to make new friends~
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Ooops.....I totally forgot to update on Wednesday. I even had the file and everything. Eheheh......

Anyway, still not looking forward to the chapter. Each page ususally will take about 2-3 hours per to draw the lineart. . . I'm expecting this to take about 5.
Omi on MangaMagazine was taking requests. So, of course, I asked for Rayne. Doesn't she look amazing??

You should totally check them out!
Updates might be slightly later due to classes and homework. Sorry 'bout that.

And tigrera needs to make me more page outlines. I thought I'd remind her publicly this time......... or else I won't have a wednesday page....
September 28th, 2012
@Jhessail: Trap door, huh.....
DAMN. Wish I had thought of that sooner!
September 28th, 2012
And nobody breaks the sacred pinky promise!
September 27th, 2012
@Jhessail: thank you. :) that means a lot!
September 26th, 2012
Long Post
It's almost cute....almost

....wonder what Rayne has up her sleeve?

Also, school starts up again for me tomorrow. Meaning that I might have a page for friday, and I might not. I'll certainly have one for Monday though. Just need to see how much free time I have, since access to computer will, to say the least.


IMbD has been published! Yes, published! (self-published, but it still counts!)

So, are you interested in seeing what will happen next? Or curious to see all the scenes that have been cut out due to the artist's lack of skill? Or just want something epic? Then try the book! You'll like it!

Buy on createspace(print):
Print version should be available on Amazon soon
Buy for Kindle: ;qid=1348728961&sr=8-2&keywords=I+Must+be+Dreaming

They're cheap! Somewhere between 3-6 dollars! (Yeah, I make pretty much no profit on it anyway, so I figured I might at least make the price manageable!)

Yay shameless self-advertising!
September 16th, 2012
It's been so long since I've drawn Jacob that I had nearly forgotten how ^^;
So! The start of another chapter! Yes, this is the only page I will post today, mostly because I'm trying to save pages for next week when I am out of town. Sorry about that. And I'm really trying to get these pages done, but it's a lot of background and a lot of action (relatively) so it's kind of a pain.

ANYWAY, here's two prominent figures in this chapter.Outline isn't finished, so I don't know how long until you see them. I actually REALLY love these characters. A lot. Of course, I took a little bit of liberty with their outfits. Their in-comic outfits may or may not be similar, but the color will definitely be black or dark gray. so....yeah. I think that's all to say.
So this is the last page of the chapter! ....Mostly because I couldn't find a better place to put it. Also, I have a(nother) camping trip next week, so I'm doing my best to mass produce pages. If I'm successful in finishing them, you shall have normal posts. If not, well, another temporary hiatus. This would be, what, the seventh? xD

Also, Rayne is terrible at judging distances. This would probably kill her, I think.
Think Greek temple but enormous when you see her running. Like super manion size.

Also...she's above the town, still on the roof which is kinda on a hill. I really suck at perspective, so the next few pages will be kinda hard.
@Riv: ;)
A small bit of dynamic between Niel and Ty for one last time before we continue.
I think we'll be approaching the end of this chapter soon. It was originally going to be one big one....but it may just be best to split it.
Hey! I'm back!

*insert generic comment here*
So I just got back from my last camping trip a few days ago. I didn't post a page Monday because I wasn't in the mood to draw one. Probably won't have one today, either. This is because---and I'm sorry to say it--I'm more invested in the novel than I am in this comic. And this is going to be the title page of the novel... I think.... once I finish the sixth editing cycle of the story and then figure out how to publish things on amazon. Look forward to it!
@Riv: its supposed to be a very large(acreage wise) manor with a flat roof, disturbed only slightly by the change in elevation. And the fact that the far end hangs over a cliff.....and heres a time when my imagination is far greater than my ability
Okay, so I did post a page for today. However, I'm leaving tomorrow to begin my long chain of trips, so I don't have any more pages, and I might not for 2-3 weeks. Sorry about this, guys!
And here we go. Scenery....sorta.