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I just have to groan at that pun.

That's my highest seal of approval, by the way.
Of course that's his problem. The fact that he never actually attacks his enemy has got nothing to do with it.
I always assumed that since the world of Pokemon has fire-breathing creatures that you can catch in little balls and then carry around with you, that the world of Pokemon was an alternate world with wildly different physical laws (And therefor different countries).
While I feel that I should point out that Butterfree can cause quite a bit of havoc with their status effects, I do always prefer to catch a Beedrill (And later, a Dustox over a Beautifly).
I read everyone as British. Partly because I am from British-people-land myself, partly because the author has previously stated everyone to be British, but mostly because of the spelling and grammar used in the speech bubbles.

And are they planning to anger all of the Beedrill? Whilst standing directly beneath them?
Methinks they're not the brightest crayons in the box.
That sounds like some kind of euphemism.
I want to see her Buttefree too.
I think she likes him.
Or just doesn't want to have to hide a messy corpse.
Both are good for DT.
(Oh, and Atty too I guess).
New reader, came here from, uhhhh, someplace or other. I forget.
Anyway, this has piqued my interest. Partly because of the Pokemon, partly because of George (Her name is the best name possible for anybody ever), but mostly because of your Britishness.