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Well, good luck with your recovery.
Wow, all of these are really nice.
Summary of the comic so far:

And so far I love it.
That's custom, but if you want it go ahead and take it.
Left to Right:
Work (for a comic im working on)
Zero Future/Riders/Battle

Is it me, or is everything blurry?
This... is such a fucking win.
It's like Adventuretime and Sonic mixed.
That's why I always battle Team Rocket with my Gengar first in line...
I didn't really have time to sprite so I only added two poses, but the pieces are there if you want to make your own.
Credit to Garmmon for the second to last pose on there. I'll be adding more soon.
@Gatamigo: Sure, PM me if you need me to make more poses for it.
You can consider this comic dead for a while.
@WellyCollins: I really don't know, I think some of them were supposed to be based off a few of the actual good ones, but lack quality and a good plot. But anyway welcome back to smackjeeves.
I know the bios are short and crappy, but I'll change them later.
Okay, recently I was on TSR (the Spriter's Resource) looking for KOF sprites. I found a lot, but they came in files that I had to download. After I opened the files, I saw like 800 different images inside each with one pose on it. So I decided to start making sheets for most of the characters. This is free to use, just give me credit.

(Edit:) it's a WIP
Comment, rate, (fave if you want to) all that good stuff.