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I love reading all the comics here even though I'm no good at making them! oh, and BL! I love yaoi and shounen-ai.

Dream Jobs: I want to be a Spy, Fashion Designer,Dancer,work for the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation),I want to be an Artist.

Age-Um..a little personal don't ya think?

Country-Well, I currently live in the U.S.

Countries I want to go to: France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Japan(#1 choice), Korea(both), China, Egypt, Greece, Austria, and finally Singapore.

Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, reading manga, watching anime, listening to music, gymnastics, cheer leading (ikr?), reading, goofing around.

Fave Quotes: "Life is easy, we choose to make it complicated."-Confucius

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."-Charles Darwin

"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."-Anton Chekov

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."-Buddah

That's all!
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He's so cute! I can't! The cavities!
This story, I love it so much!
That's so sad. I can't express how bad I feel for Ren! But at the same time I can see from the point view of Clover.
he looks good, super cute.
Do you have to pay for the PDF because I'm kind of broke at the moment
You assume I'm not acquainted with it? Either way, you don't have to overreact, I was just giving feedback. What kind of comic artist/writer doesn't appreciate that?
Those tears are rather excessive, I don't usually cry three different tracks (?) of tears.
Your art has really improved over the course of the comic, from the beginning up until now. It almost like looks Kubo-sensei drew this. Great job!
Don't deny it Dylan, you know you loved it!
I so cannot wait until next Sunday.
Are you going post the sequels soon?
@noelburgundy27: Haha that'd be hilarious. Joa complaining about the cliches and inaccuracies the whole time!
Wah! I'm so excited about this comic. And go Kea! Force dat bird to apologize.
@Connwear: It's called a converter my dear. It's on Google.
I love Zoshi!! They're adorable together!
Oh my...I swear my heart just stopped. <3
I noticed in comics the panels are small, so when drawing the people inside do you zoom in? To make it easier?
Oh Marcel is NOT his girlfriend....
How would he be in the same photo if he disappeared 2 years before?