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I go by Knighty or Zeke online, real life nickname is Ammy (ah-me). I'm currently married with two furbabies, Abby and Simon! I'm a writer, but I usually keep my writings to myself because I have zero self esteem regarding my writing talents. Unless it's role-playing, then I prefer one-on-one rather than groups, but I've done groups before!
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@Sharp-Claw: Yep, what Ardnax said. Though there is a reference to your sibling (if they were made a Grey Warden) with the Bottles on the Wall quest!
Can I get this man in my life? I could use some of those encouraging words, too! XD
Hey, at least he managed to clean up the corpses before moving in...
@Blazypika2: Oh, gosh, no. XD I probably should've mentioned it was Fahrenheit, haha. 35ish celcius.
Feel better soon! I would relax, myself, but the sun is trying to kill me with 95+ degree weather.
Alright, alright, let's not get into the "MEA was good/bad" debate. Just enjoy the comic.

Anyway, I swear I thought Cora was throwing seeds, too. Soil converter seems... wasteful, I agree. XD I didn't care for Cora to begin with, I didn't care for her personal story, and her general attitude just constantly rubbed me the wrong way.
I suddenly want a key-chain of chibi(ish) Corypheus...
I was not prepared for Jack. I love her. So much. XD
Sums up my reaction pretty freaking well.
June 2nd, 2018
That blush is just so adorable. <3
Do what's best for you, darlin'! Take your time, put your health first, and hope you feel better! ♥
May 21st, 2018
I love your art style so much. <3 It works so well.
Who knows, Michael, maybe it'll help you get through your rough spot!
This is the kind of friendship everyone needs in their life. x3
One of many reasons I love Zevran so much... he's blunt and just wants to get shit done.
Free at last? XD I don't think he's going to let this one go, Alejo. XD
I honestly never liked Liara. I know she's meant to be this intelligent character that really helps you, but I always found her so damn stuck up.
I really need an Alejo in my life. Immediately. If I bribe him with ice cream, will he stay?
I romanced Solas through my very first play-through of DA:I and my friend (who already finished the game) cried when I told her I was romancing Solas.

Needless to say, I understand why she was crying for me... I bawled because the romance is actually pretty sweet...

And the shields. How I missed the shields. D:
Ah, I just caught up with this! I have to say, this is one of my favorite web comics. I think my favorite part is your style as an artist. As someone else commented previously, some artists try too hard to make their characters constantly in the light and pretty 24/7 - your style is very refreshing and fits the atmosphere of the plot extremely well.

Can't wait to see more updates! Been a silent lurker since day one! :)