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I go by Knighty or Zeke online, real life nickname is Ammy (ah-me). I'm currently married with two furbabies, Abby and Simon! I'm a writer, but I usually keep my writings to myself because I have zero self esteem regarding my writing talents. Unless it's role-playing, then I prefer one-on-one rather than groups, but I've done groups before!
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I love your art style so much. <3 It works so well.
Who knows, Michael, maybe it'll help you get through your rough spot!
This is the kind of friendship everyone needs in their life. x3
One of many reasons I love Zevran so much... he's blunt and just wants to get shit done.
Free at last? XD I don't think he's going to let this one go, Alejo. XD
I honestly never liked Liara. I know she's meant to be this intelligent character that really helps you, but I always found her so damn stuck up.
I really need an Alejo in my life. Immediately. If I bribe him with ice cream, will he stay?
I romanced Solas through my very first play-through of DA:I and my friend (who already finished the game) cried when I told her I was romancing Solas.

Needless to say, I understand why she was crying for me... I bawled because the romance is actually pretty sweet...

And the shields. How I missed the shields. D:
Ah, I just caught up with this! I have to say, this is one of my favorite web comics. I think my favorite part is your style as an artist. As someone else commented previously, some artists try too hard to make their characters constantly in the light and pretty 24/7 - your style is very refreshing and fits the atmosphere of the plot extremely well.

Can't wait to see more updates! Been a silent lurker since day one! :)
May 22nd, 2017
I went through the first story, and this one, in a few hours. I'm loving it, such beautiful characters and beautiful pages!
@coterie: Shhhh. We're lurking~

Santa is an APOSTATE.
December 20th, 2012
I put off reading this for SO LONG, at least a few months. And finally, I decided "I HAVE TO READ THIS".

I am not disappointed. Your style, how easily you flip back and forth between two or more styles... amazing. Read through this entire thing in one sitting, and thought I was going to be facing some random GIF of that weird kid popping out of the page, not going to lie.
December 20th, 2012
Hair down! That third panel face. Also feel the urge to re-read Lethe. TO CHAPTER ONE WE GO. -flies-
@zenat: I agree, but with DA2, it was good storytelling, you know? I mean. It's Varric. 'nuff said.
@Lesbian Comics: I also have tattoos, but I keep them hidden, as well. I mean, I'm still a teenager who might get a respectable job in the future, so. XD
Not gonna lie... I was giggling like a giddy little schoolgirl the moment I saw Zevran.

There's just something about tattooed elves. <3
@zenat: Flirting with Loghain as an elf. That was the greatest thing ever. And with Zevran as my boyfriend (mm tattooed elves -lick-)... ooooh, he got jealous! I HAVE NEVER SEEN ZEVVY JEALOUS.
@zenat: I demand DLC to play as a Qunari! I want to know SO MUCH about them. alskdjflkajsdlkfjasd raaaaage.
Arishok, agreed. I'm so fascinated with the Qunari it's not even funny. ;_;