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Thank you very much for the story, Nthew! Hope to see another from you some day soon ♥
You're the Queen of Suspence. This is my favourite page of the comic so far! xD
February 15th, 2013
Brother Sunshine's been always scarying me the most! D:
December 17th, 2012
Gosh this chapter seems endless with all these cliff hangers on every page )))
December 11th, 2012
Gee, that guy is now with wings?!! Looks even more fantastic! ♥
October 22nd, 2012
Sweet Johnny boy has that special something that attracts old ladies <3
October 22nd, 2012
Watching your comic is like reading a Murakami's novel! Splendid! D:
Looks suspiciously erotic for "just feeding" ;)Very expressive page! I bet it would stay as informative even without lettering! :o

...I regret nothing:
September 26th, 2012
You can see new pages HERE.

Please don't re-post anywhere, especially on tumbr.
It's always a pleasure to see how you render each new page <: Every solvation is bold and expressive!
Arrgh the vagueness of the dialogues made me think both Fid and Guth have rather strong feelings towards Sebastian D:
I know your concept of a vampire is unique and meant to ask about one thing... but drew it instead xD
Finally <3
I almost forgot there was any BL promised in this story ;) I only wonder if Arin dreams of what have happened or what he wish to happen yet :'D
it is quite serious already
I'm not sure if by extending the limits you mean printing/commercializing the story, or making your own site for the SI, but the both options come along with distributing on smackjeeves just fine. Here you have the audience you could 'entice' to your own site before it'll gain its own, and the free advertisement self-printing can't offer. As for the finding a publisher, it will probably take time. I think it'd be more productive to use this time working out the maximum of benefits this site can give than to put your comic in the desk drawer.
@SomethingScenic: Tis gonna be gay-okay, Jawn's just being a diva.
Awww Dan, you DO CARE!!~<3
I'm not dead, guys. One day I'll continue the comic.
Maybe I should start a new comic story with this new style?