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I gotta say, this story has been a whirlwind! All the twists have inspired me to change up my story I've been writing and the art is just AMAZING. So happy I found this
February 27th, 2018
Bruhhh that back omg...amazing job
Started reading yesterday and can't believe I already caught up! Loving your art style and can't wait for the rest of the story!
@Hoagie: I WAS JUST GONNA SAY, pretty sure that's Yurio and Otabek there!
@kittychick: The thing about blood is, a little bit at once (like with a papercut) doesn't taste bad. A LOT of it, like if you get a deeper cut on your thumb or you bite through your tongue (both times I've done), the taste is much richer. That metallic taste is amplified and it tastes like thick, liquid iron -- it's gross and personally, makes me shiver and gag from how bad it is. It probably tastes satisfying to Joa now, but he probably remembers what it used to taste like from his human days and kissing a mouth that's drenched in blood wouldn't be a good moment.
I've probably said this before, but thank you SO MUCH for continuing to work on this comic even though you're busy with school and work and life. Your comic is one of my favourites and every time it updates it makes my day SO much better. Good luck with uni, see you at the next update!
I am SO happy this updated! I forgot there was no update on Sunday, so I ended up re-reading the entire comic and now BAM! Thank you for all your hard work!
Just re-read this comic for the THOUSDANDTH time and I still love it. Seriously, great job, I love these two. Please please PLEASE never take this comic down, I'd die
Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am when this updates. The drama of it all makes it so enjoyable and even though you update once a month, at least you're putting in an honest effort and the waiting just makes the update even more exciting lol. Thank you soooo much for this comic and for not giving up on it.
I love your story and artwork, but the second speech bubble in the first panel is a little confusing.
I think it's meant to say "Didn't you two beat the shit out of me?" instead of "You two didn't beat the shit out of me?
I don't mean to offend, but it might be good to fix that just because it makes the reader do a double-take and re-read it to make sense of it ^^
Intriguing story however, I love your characters!
I really like your art and the opening quote sets for a thoughtful introduction. I'm intrigued to see where this comic goes. +Faved
@Amare: That's true, or maybe instead of strangling you could break their necks.
@Amare: It has to be though. If it was realistic you'd be chillin' there waiting for this guy to die, meanwhile his buddies in the area are making their rounds and are coming back to where you are. You'd be all "Omfg fucking die already he's coming back die die DIE DIE DIE". And if they fought back any harder they'd be making too much commotion and could alert anyone nearby. SO, yeah it's unrealistic and quick, but it has to be for the sake of the game.
Ya, this situation happened many-a-times, except I always strangle my enemies. So as soon as they noticed my pile of bodies they were close enough to strangle.
That scarf panel instantly flashed an image in my mind of Edna from The Incredibles saying "No capes!" haha
Oh god, that first panel sent chills down my spine <3
Oh sweet jesus, my heart is pumping so fast. What's Norbert gonna do?! Part of me hopes he resists all his urges because I feel like Noah IS silly drunk, but then part of me is screaming "GO FOR IT".
This comic is so dark, but I absolutely love it! Amazing work.