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AmyOf Darkness
Hi, I'm Amy, I'm kicking myself for that awkward space in my username, and I'm here to read comics! (のvの)
(I also make comics but none of them are here sooo...)

I loooooove monsters and supernatural creatures, mythology, and cute things which will be readily apparent from my favorites list. Don't mind me if I lurk though, I'm shy!
Gosh Benji! So rude! (Good luck Balloon, prove him wrong!)
Just hope it doesn't use those claws as much as young kittens do, they already look like they could do some damage! Hopefully more like a sloth judging by the shape of those hand-daggers! It looks so pathetic in every panel, you really captured that look of a squishy newborn animal.
It's so cute, even for a pink wrinkly critter! Does not look happy to be woken up from that nap though. Balloon looks so concerned!
Balloon looks absolutely adorable with that lil tail wag!

what's in the box! What's in the boooox!
(I am eager to see what the little new friend looks like!)
Well it said it wasn't a scam! Would someone do that, lie, on the internet?
Aw Nancy, sounds like you tapped a little too hard...
Get well, Songdog!
This is a good fight scene, the angles and the shifting of balance are nicely portrayed. Ahhh, feel so bad for both these poor creatures...
Hmm,I have been thinking about what I suspect is a limitation Deadwood might have and if that will come into play to Rig's advantage in the future, but... I may be way far off, this comic always surprises me!
Aww, confused dino! I like the angle on the picture-in-picture on the screen, It looks too tired to deal with these "old-person" questions right now haha!
I like this comic, I'm slow to comment on things but I thought you should know I'm enjoying your work here. I love a good cast of misfits and creatures!
"Sometimes... dead is better."
that head tilt of concern is just precious. Love how Rig is so unthreatened by him in this state that she's just chilling out on the ground as he relates his backstory to her. Hehe, young Pace looks like such a little malcontent in that first glimpse!
He's just so danged incensed this talking porkchop had the audacity to rescue him AND clean his wounds! This weird doe has tasted the blood of a wolf now, what strange times it must be for him...
"My wolf now"
Ahhgh I feel so BAD for the Widower though, even though I'm cheering for team Rig! (Ŏ﹏Ŏ) He's completely justified in his animosity toward her, she did rather rub it in when his mate got turned into a wolf shish-kabob. Then again I might be inclined to gloat a tiny bit too if I was in a close call with predators...
Yeah Rig! Throw down! I'm wondering if she's just appalled to see these other "social" creatures killing their own kind, considering her own feelings on the matter toward hers. Or maybe her own recent loss has made her simply more empathetic toward him...
@Metis: Look, I am not trying to disrespect the author by starting drama, that is not my intention, but comments like yours are...troubling. It's not just conflation/out of context, there is no OTHER way to interpret what you said, the implication is clear: "The victim deserves the abuse for trying to escape her victimhood and live the life she desperately craves." I'm not "crying" anything, if you don't want people to complain about slut-shaming a deer, maybe don't bring it up as a reason she deserves to be tortured by a goddanged demon?! Walking it back by pointing out she's not a human isn't helping when you're the one anthropomorphizing her actions to "partying" when what she was doing was trying to live as a normal deer for once in her miserable life. What is the point of living when you don't get to live?
I understand why you're feeling defensive, I'm just pointing out how your comment comes off, and it's not because I'm too stupid to understand. You prefer the villain, and you will justify that by making Rig out to be "just as bad". And she has done bad things, but trying to have a life or as you put it "partying" is not one of them.

Criminy, I'm not asking the author to change the story to make Rig happy. The drama of the story is what makes it a fascinating read to begin with.
Whooaaa now it's come to slut-shaming a deer in addition to abuse apologism in the audience! Rig is a victim, even if she made an unwise choice in her desperation, does not mean she "deserves" the abuse. Of course Deadwood ACTS sweet now, that is Abuser 101. That is how abusers keep their victims bound to them. They isolate them from others who can help, they feign concern, they gaslight and make them question their worth and reality. They even apologize for things they aren't even remotely sorry for. And the bystanders will go "Why aren't you forgiving them? They only beat you when you deserved it. They only used you for their selfish gain because you let them, it is your fault they are mad at you again. It is your fault they are hurting you again" I don't buy for one hot second that Deadwood sincerely cares about Rig's misfortune, only that her self-pity is blocking the food from coming in. It's one thing to love to hate how indescribably evil a villain is, quite another to be sympathizing with it. What I see here a lot is sympathy for the devil and little consideration for the victim in an incredibly toxic relationship. And no, the idea that she somehow "knew what she was getting into" does not mean she deserves this cruelty.

That aside, this comic has been consistently one of my most favorite, it is a fascinating read, and I think I care more about the characters in this than any other webcomic in my reading list currently! Fantastic work, Songdog!
It means "Grounded for SIX weeks and chilly beans are a distant dream"
Fantastic tone work! Jay's reaction in the second panel gave me a chuckle.

Also, very sorry if my last comment was annoying... I'll just get back to lurk mode now.
HELL YES MY FAVE CREATURES though I admit I'm kinda crushed by there being no Tarnkappes for your Alps in this comicverse/cosmology since it's my favorite thing about them... (I know the other character who hasn't yet reappeared had a hat but I recall you saying it's purely aesthetic which kinda bummed me out but hey it's not my comic!)

Still think the comic's great though, it's been on my links page since before the reboot! And aside from my nitpick, I love this new guy's design. :)
AmyOf Darkness
September 26th, 2016
Congratulations on the 100th page!!!
Oh gosh the expressions on this page, I'd pick a favorite but I can't!
AmyOf Darkness
September 19th, 2016
Half empty citrus soda sounds like me about any time of the day too!

Aw, did she just want to make sure Faustine was watching her on TV like she asked her to? :P
Oh neat! I'm sure Hogan would appreciate not having to hunt them all down :D

Good luck with the event!