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AmyOf Darkness
Hi, I'm Amy, I'm kicking myself for that awkward space in my username, and I'm here to read comics! (のvの)
(I also make comics but none of them are here sooo...)

I loooooove monsters and supernatural creatures, mythology, and cute things which will be readily apparent from my favorites list. Don't mind me if I lurk though, I'm shy!
It means "Grounded for SIX weeks and chilly beans are a distant dream"
Fantastic tone work! Jay's reaction in the second panel gave me a chuckle.

Also, very sorry if my last comment was annoying... I'll just get back to lurk mode now.
HELL YES MY FAVE CREATURES though I admit I'm kinda crushed by there being no Tarnkappes for your Alps in this comicverse/cosmology since it's my favorite thing about them... (I know the other character who hasn't yet reappeared had a hat but I recall you saying it's purely aesthetic which kinda bummed me out but hey it's not my comic!)

Still think the comic's great though, it's been on my links page since before the reboot! And aside from my nitpick, I love this new guy's design. :)
AmyOf Darkness
September 26th, 2016
Congratulations on the 100th page!!!
Oh gosh the expressions on this page, I'd pick a favorite but I can't!
AmyOf Darkness
September 19th, 2016
Half empty citrus soda sounds like me about any time of the day too!

Aw, did she just want to make sure Faustine was watching her on TV like she asked her to? :P
Oh neat! I'm sure Hogan would appreciate not having to hunt them all down :D

Good luck with the event!
Gasp! A rude boy, touching ghosts without their permission!

Tyler is precious. :D
*HAPPY SHRIEK* I'm just glad to see you're alive!!!

Heh, I just resurrected 2 of my "not sure if hiatus but oh man it's been a year (or 2)since this updated" comics myself, I definitely understand how that can happen. I'll be happy to see the story no matter what form it takes!
He's like "nuuuu pay attention to me! My schemes are big and evil and you're not appreciating my effort!"

and WOOPs looks like Alex's zombie secret has been revealed!
Haha dude should get a clue, she is so unimpressed with his pathetic schemes!
Back for more punishment eh!
This page really made me laugh, and I love how alike the sibling really are with their delightful animal bothering :D

!!! secret zombie?! GASP!
Coolness of the gas mask cooould be improved with a cool hat though ;)
why bother with a hat when you got a cool gas mask?!

(no wait hats, I didn't mean it I'm sorry!)
last panel was so unexpected I snorted, haha!
AmyOf Darkness
August 16th, 2016
That nervous cereal-eating face is precious though :)
@threnodeath: Haha! But which one?! Also, make sure Dan knows I think both of the characters are wonderful! :D
(Sorry this is a late reply, my email did an update and it sucks now!)
He put so much effort into it, it would be suuuch a shame to let him down! Hehe, looking forward to seeing how this unfolds! :D
Panel 2 Faustine's double hand gestures killed me with giggling, she's just wonderful! :D