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I'm a cat that can draw and write. I love controversial topics. I'm planning on world domination - and making a comic along the way.

Just kidding. Or am I? c:
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oh my god, Brad and Stephanie are hilarious! XD
This webcomic - so many feelings I just can't. >.<

So sad that I caught up with the updates! Autophobia really strikes a chord, being a student myself. Pressures at school are forceful, but invisible.

Can't believe the comic's already over. It was a great reading experience - this is actually one of the comments that introduced me to Smackjeeves, and I'm really grateful for it.

Arcadia, thanks for a great series!
D'awww, Addy. <3 It's cute that she knows Ian's behavior so well.

On a side-note, I like eating my sandwiches like that, too! They taste more delicious that way. c:
I already like this comic better than Mokepon. Love how you placed that one speech bubble over the landscape to flash back to the present - subtle and smooth transition.

...still keeping up that "accidental" face blocking, I see. /dies of curiosity
Just wow, David. This page is definitely one of my favorite pages in this entire comic.

There's something almost symbolic about the blue in those last three panels. Anger can contribute to an entire cycle of hate, but I don't think it's easy for anyone to let go, especially with the memories forever ingrained in the mind. I'm glad you were about let go of your past grudges, make peace, and move on.

:) And thanks for helping me out indirectly with this page's message.
That. was. PRICELESS! XD

Thanks for the touch of funny in my day. c:
Cute! Totally didn't see Addy becoming a model, but I like it. c:

Guess I'm a bit late to check in again, but how did the wedding go? :D
Stuff is getting serious~! :D
Seems like the secret is going to get out soon!
CONGRATULATIONS! Take your time and I hope your wedding is a blast! :D
@daviddoesntgetit: Usually close friends date at some point, that's all. Haha, nothing to be impressed over.
Haha, thanks for answering my question! :D

I remember having a N64 and playing Street Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution now. -u- Good times, good times.

I thought that Brad and Amy might have dated briefly. ^^; Didn't expect that to be right.
More lovely pages~
THanks Arcadia! I wonder if Addison's going to take on the job? Doesn't seem in character for her, but...
This comic page is so cute and heartwarming. You and Bernard look so cute as little kids, and I can relate to your laundry experiences. My brother and I loved to fold blankets and sheets when we were younger because we just had to walk toward each other. c:

In the summer, my family used to lay mattresses out on the floor in one room to save money on air conditioning. I was reminded of my experiences when you mentioned how you guys slept at the beach house, haha. Your comic is always a blast from the past. XD

It's nice to know that you have friends like Amy and Brad, David! They seem like really genuine and kind individuals.
August 6th, 2012
Glad you're starting to update this again! I missed the awesome PinkBlack art, Rann. <3

I wanna see if Terrence follows Sifris to school, as well~.
? Uh, is Angel a famous model or something?

And I'm glad that Addison has come to understand Ian - and his alterego - for who he really is. Keep up the good work, Arcadia!
Haha, I know how it feels when relatives are super-competitive like that. I guess this is why I like reading your comics - your life has so many parallels with my own. Luckily, my parents are pretty lax about grades too, even though they are also Asian.

In my high school, you can take AP courses if you hand in an application; no gifted and talented program thing. I'm planning to take some sciences and maybe English, because I have always liked to write.

My mother also works in an office, so I always hear about her life with coworkers. XD
How did you first meet Amy, if she's not the type to force you to be friends (like Brad)?

Haha, I think you might be kind of lucky to have such a personality trait, though...definitely separates a lot of true friends from fake ones. When it comes to work, though, I see the negative part of your personality.

Also, as a really random side-note: I love how you draw tears! c: Like on the corner of Amy's eye on this page.
Haha, sounds bad. I actually like power outages sometimes because they let my eyes rest from all the numerous hours I spend on computer. ^^;

No question for Brad at the moment (XD) but I'll be sure to post one when I think of it.
March 11th, 2012
I agree with the above comments. =v= Excuse me as I spazz out with them.

The character designs are gorgeous, and the uniforms look so amazing~! The backgrounds also have great crosshatching and more details than I would ever spend on a background. :x

/done spazzing.