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just another weirdo~
this is incredible. they're so adorable! x3
aw, Arii's eyes are completely black there, aren't they? I'm super curious how will this story wrap out~
please do continue it your way! O v O
I've had my share with "spirits" ~ n ~ my grand-aunt I used to visit a lot as a kid lived in a fairly old house that was swamped with "unnatural" for me. and while I know of positive energies and stuff, every single one in that house gave me creeps! or maybe I was just easily scared. had similar "feels" about some places elsewhere too, but grand-aunt's house was the true extreme.
I'm only surprised he's using two straight away... makes me wonder if he's done this before? ^^'

and while I am not exactly actively commenting person, let me state I love the comic, both story and art wise~! <3
(and them octupuses. they're amazing)
@Crimson Chains: yup, I'm pretty sure he'd be capable of it :3 but it's far far away from his dream job with kids :c
why did I immediately imagine him hiring Aki as his bodyguard... I don't really know why but the idea just popped in my head O.o
such a sweet cover ♥
ah.. I think I fell in love with that new person *u*
awwww! I so hope there's a bit more than just one kiss ♥ they look so lovely!
keep up the great work, I love the comics <3
awww *cuteness overload* I was wondering how would it happen that they came to kisses... but this is just so sweet ♥ even through the previous pain and sorrow... this makes it sooo sweet ♥♥
ohhh, his blush all over the face x3 it's so sweet! *is totally fangirling for past few pages* I sooo hope it continues like this :3
but I know it probably won't ;n;
...come to think of it, what do demons normally do? they don't just eat angels, do they? o.o
I have only one thing to say here... sexy Kaidou is sexy x'3
whooo, he's leaving! and Hiro is safe ♥ is Taisuke, of course ^^
I'm glad there was no fight c: though Sano's face looks like he'd like revenge? >.>
@Crimson Chains: I kind of wish Sano would do that D:
though it would be nice seeing how powerful Hiro is (in meaning, seeing him kick Sano >:3).. hoping no other authorities would want to hurt him later >.<'' *crosses fingers*
ohhhh. I love Kaidou in this outfit :o he looks.. .... so perfect *stares* *u*
oh no oh no oh no D: what will happen?
Hiro is so sweet and brave to guard him, but... but... waaaah, I hope they will all be okay! ;n; *is so scared* (except for Sano...)
oh my, Ryuuta's expression is soooo sweet here x3
I wish for Kaoru to win ;n;
please tell me it won't end up with a draw >____<
I wonder how will their "battle" go, though; will Naoto think that kurogawa_718 suddenly turned schizophrenic?
oh, the prettier twin is being sweet... *u*