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Marley must use Fransis when playing left for dead
Ladies and gentlemen our bolder badge gym leader.
she is an interesting character
-lights lighter and grins- things are getting fun now.
HAHAHA....hole filling
you do mansevice proud
-flips the lighter open- ...what? i don't have to impress you.
huh...he fired his lazor
see. fight mega with mega
-lights the lighter again-
see what did i tell ya
deus ex powers activate and keep him alive in 3.... 2....
no one can argue with SCIENCE!
so now we have the last ultimate but if he wants to turn the tide...he'll have to go to the NEXT LEVEL.
what did i just get done telling you
yeah but megas tend to pull alot of impossible deus ex crap out of nowhere at times that ultimates (except mangnangimon) lack the ability to do
you'd be surprised at the power of mega level. it has the deus ex machina effect on them and anything could happen
it's gonna take alot more firepower then one more ultimate to take on a mega. you fight a mega with a mega