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Yo Plokman here. Bout time I updated this thing. Its been like this since I was a Noob in 2007. Anyway Heres a few bits of info on my comics and my updates.
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]Temporary hiatus[
Plokman: Origins: My attempt to tell the story of how Plokman came to exists in his Prime universe as well as how he came to travel the dimensions.
Flying Chaos: What was once a Bob and George wannabe now the story of Plokman having adventures. With some Megaman still in there.

Sonic Re:Generations: My Sonic comic telling the story of the Cypher Zone and the adventures of Sonic and Crew in this Zone.

The Author's Guild: What was once a collab is now a author comic. Join us on our Quests won't you?

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Well we's getting deep into the mines of Moria. Wait these aren't mines! Gotta fire my tour guide.
Holy mother of Stan Lee Hulk Cops!!
Samantha is a lovely name. Well done my friend well done.
November 4th, 2017
Haha turbulence. They are on a floating island.
@Capejedi: Slag how could you forget?!
@Capejedi: Incase you hadn't noticed I'm a robot. I can't hide what I am and I'm not a Institute creation.
@Capejedi: Rain rain rain all I ever hear is rain from you wastelanders!
Well looks like this iteration of Plokman isn't that versed in mechanical stuff. Oh well he needs to learn and I can think of no better teacher.

I just hope Anthony don't give him da boot first.
Dagnabit you draw Jen so adorable!
Well this is a fine mess! Sometimes Shard can be a real Peckneck in logic.

Yeah I said sometimes even as off the wall as she can be she's not completely nuts. After all if she was fully nuts Plokman would never be a friend of hers. (Maybe not in this universe but she has met Plokman in other worlds ;) )
Oh look at the kitty. This problem should be easy for a Techno Wizard but who knows why she can't talk.
October 18th, 2017
@Shard: Close enough.
Bah the movie was better. Thank you Didney.
October 17th, 2017
@G.B.A: Wait did you just say it works on Friendship?! Da!!!

@Shard: Point taken. But still Moon Logic everywhere in this Tail what is this a 80s point and click?!
October 17th, 2017
Odd how he knows moon logic. Then again there is a dimensional space inside Shard's Tail this whole thing is nothing but moon logic!
@G.B.A: Oh you. OJ is full of citrus.
So Shard's Tail has always had pandimensional properties? What was it before becoming Steve a sort of "Tail of Holding" or something?!
@G.B.A: And just look at the view.
Well I for one am just glad to see the comic update and know you are still planing to keep it going. Here is to another 400 and beyond!
Looks like G has another good buddy in Trudi like Burp only a girl and not a Puffball also nice to see GBD after all this time good to see him trying to change for the better.

Meowth: For once a happy endin'.