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Yo Plokman here. Bout time I updated this thing. Its been like this since I was a Noob in 2007. Anyway Heres a few bits of info on my comics and my updates.
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]Temporary hiatus[
Plokman: Origins: My attempt to tell the story of how Plokman came to exists in his Prime universe as well as how he came to travel the dimensions.
Flying Chaos: What was once a Bob and George wannabe now the story of Plokman having adventures. With some Megaman still in there.

Sonic Re:Generations: My Sonic comic telling the story of the Cypher Zone and the adventures of Sonic and Crew in this Zone.

The Author's Guild: What was once a collab is now a author comic. Join us on our Quests won't you?

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@G.B.A: She's right you know beaks are hard. Oh wait you mean hard to draw I thought you were talking physicaly.
Bird needs to phrase things better. He's almost as mouthy as my pet Tinker who is one foul mouthed Senegal Parrot.
@Shard: Fair enough I do hope they help her some time.
Weakness yeah right. Weakness is not trying, to leave things as they were and not even give a ounce of effort to try to amend something, Weakness is not what we have seen here in this plot by far we have seen the things that shows Ket isn't weak hope and will power. Ket knew her odds were a million.. no a billion to one of even remotely changing the outcome but what did she do? Did she walk away in fright of knowing this would end this way, did she freeze up and succumb to the utter terror of her friend's demise, did she just try to leave like she did just now? No she didn't she fought with everything she had to try to change the outcome even as a aware character she said "Screw fate I'm going to save my friend!" and while she was unable to save her she tried with all her soul to do so to bust down that wall and save Liz.

Every ounce of power she could muster both physical and mental were all set to one thing to fight for a life, to save a friend. It was all her and only her that fought to save the life of the dearest friend she ever had and it is not her fault things didn't work out her wind powers were taken from her and without them she had lost the free flow travel she once had.

She is not weak even when she saw that her fight changed nothing she still thought of her friend and saving her she managed to break in at least with enough time to say goodbye and trust me I wish I had the power to hop in a delorean and go back ten years to say goodbye to my mother in person but I can't.

"As you go through life you'll see there is so much that we don't understand, and the only thing we know is things don't always go the way we planned." Things are not always in our hands we all have limits but to try and break through those limits and especially as Ket did here alone makes us strong. Without that will to try to fight and face the problem head on you are weak Ket however did face it head on and so she is not weak not in the slightest I'd go so far as to say she's even stronger of will than Plokman will ever be and while he is a dimensional hopper he has no power over the 4th wall.

"It is up to you how far you go, the strong will try to hold you back but you have the power to be even stronger. United or alone you are the one who makes the dream a reality. So fight for the right, Take down those who would hold you back and surge into a new dawn."
April 26th, 2018
@Shard: What else? Being a good friend I mean you were trying to comfort me with one of those pats right? Besides that you are a good friend regardless.
April 25th, 2018
@Shard: Awoofwoof. Fair enough *goes back to normal* and thanks.
April 25th, 2018
@Shard: Niv do you think I'm a puppy or something? *Transforms into a red and yellow dachshund* Does this amuse you? Bark woof Flameel!

Also I was not trying to start anything that whole "dope" thing was a joke not a actual attack but I'm sure "you" knew that.
April 24th, 2018
@LimitlessGod: You dope it's Arms not eyes!
April 24th, 2018
No amount of P.O.T.I.O.N. will fix this. Liz is truly blessed to be able to say goodbye in person but Ket I know this pain. I know it way too well.
Knuckles needs a sandwich.
@Shard: Oh dear I am not sure I like the tone of that sound effect. Wait how did I read that?!! Ah must of been from hanging around with that Dewi kid.
@Shard: The whole wall busting I knew she would find a way and maybe now she can Mend and Defend her life long friend, Her hopes and dreams and maybe save this kid from a huge mistake.
I knew it! I freaking knew it! Set right what once went wrong!
April 14th, 2018
@Shard: Niv I follow the rule of disciplining kids the way my parents did me. But whopping and maybe a lite slap on the cheek if the are rude, Bratish and well you get the idea but nothing that will really hurt them. I may be a bit old fasioned on that but I am not a person who would beat a kid of any age. If they are my age or just about it well I'll tussle just like me and my cousin did as kids when we got mad at each other and you know something after we bloodied each others nose and sit for a few minutes we both almost at the same time would look back at each other and say we were sorry.

I'm not telling Ket to go in and pound the daylights out of her no I want her to get in there disarm the brat and lay her out (No violence that could hurt her) so she could be talked to and reasoned with.

Niv you've known me long enough now to know I'd never even dream of hurting someone who couldn't defend themselves. My friends are my family and kids while they may act up are generally innocent of any true evil I could never be the one to take that from them. After the age of fourteen I grew out of some things I thought were real like Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and the like but and it may seem really weird there was one thing I could never do and that is to take true innocence from someone.

In all the oddball things that have made me who I am today this came from a scene in the first Bay Transformers movie the part where Ironhide crased into the pool and the little girl who lived in the house wandered outside safe as Ironhide would never willing hurt a kid 90% of the time (Evil alternate universe ones would.)

But for some reason I don't know why I shed a tear a few times watching that scene and said to myself "Innocence is the most valuable thing for a kid. No one should take it away from them." maybe it was the fact that the whole joke was she saw this giant metal man that to her could only be born of magic and asked him if he was the Tooth Fairy.

But ever since I saw that scene I've gone out of my way to with all my scientific knowledge and such to try to keep little kids who are not ready to grow up from that point "The end of the magic." as they say believing in their mythic heros like the Easter Bunny, Cupid, Santa, The Tooth Fairy and so on.

I know I'm a weirdo but does helping a little kid who may one day follow us as a writer keep believing in things we took to heart and wish were still part of our lives? Keep the magic alive and imagination will flourish. Destroy that same magic and dreams fall to the ground.
Seeing isn't believing, Believing is seeing. Could you of ever created Ket and the cast of Mute without that logic? Maybe their sparites as I've known you long enough to have seen the sword edge that is art become sharper, honed and more precise that would always be there but the realms they live in the stories you've shared of them with out that believing we would never of seen them.

@Legoalex-625: Ruh-oh it's the bad guys! Oh wait wrong character you mean the guy with the phone call not the Good/bad lego cop. ;)

@Shard: Is Liz by chance part Prasinohaema skink? That is a lizard with green blood maybe her family has Blue blood from genetics like that? Though Blue blood is more common in Fish, Octopi and crabs it could be possible.
April 13th, 2018
No no no no!!! Come on Ket you can do it! Freaking brat needs to be knocked out!!!!
Come on! She should be able to jump in she's aware and capable of manipulating that to her advantage why is the border not playing ball?!! Time travel be screwed if I had the chance I'd set right that what once went wrong and paradox be screwed it wouldn't be as bad as losing that fight to set it right.
April 8th, 2018
@Shard: Depends on the type of energy shot really. A hi powered EMP is going to either kill or give a bot a hangover and Plasma electric bolts are going to eat through you like nothing else.
April 7th, 2018
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Oi just because your made of metal doesn't mean you don't have feelings or a soul dude. We may be stronger to a degree but we can easily be hurt too.

@Shard: Even if she was a robot she could still be killed.
Good golly that's a lot of replies. Congrats on the milestone I wish you a billion more. ^_^

I do have a question would you be willing to do nonEevee cameos? I only ask as my best Pokemon is my shiny Porygon Poypoy and I'd love to cameo but I don't have any named Eevees.

Thank you for the silliness and the seriousness.