Yo Plokman here. Bout time I updated this thing. Its been like this since I was a Noob in 2007. Anyway Heres a few bits of info on my comics and my updates.
Comic facts

]Temporary hiatus[
Plokman: Origins: My attempt to tell the story of how Plokman came to exists in his Prime universe as well as how he came to travel the dimensions.
Flying Chaos: What was once a Bob and George wannabe now the story of Plokman having adventures. With some Megaman still in there.

Sonic Re:Generations: My Sonic comic telling the story of the Cypher Zone and the adventures of Sonic and Crew in this Zone.

The Author's Guild: What was once a collab is now a author comic. Join us on our Quests won't you?

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May 19th, 2017
Heh heh just like in Dragon Quest 8 if your in a building or a cave and use the warp spell/chimera wings you bump into the ceiling and don't warp.
@BuddyT: It shall melt into a nice mist of steam!
Whoa wait did he just cut Ket? I mean drawing blood from the swipe is more something Darkmater or O2 would do but ouch.
@Legoalex-625: Dewi and Ket (Shard's character from Aware) are most likely the most powerful indeed but they are not the most dangerous.

Reread your Dewi archives my friend you'll see him.
Wow she moves like Link with a sword! Girl got skill.
Run away!!!!

Darn killer Rabbits!!!
Kirby: I swear if he ate my cake!!!
Time to divide by cube.
Boop boop goes the snoot.

(Kirby finds a hammer power)

Crack crack goes the knee cap.
@Shard: Waddle Dee: Plz I mean you no harm! I bring you umbrella and food that is not me. It's much tastier than me!

Kirby: You got five seconds. Make me say "Yum".
Kirby: Yummy for my tummy!
April 18th, 2017
Kirby has seen weirder stuff but is it more weird that her words are causing them to rotate in a circle. As if they were nailed to the point they pop up?
I can feel the rage I just can even in the basement. Ow.

Welcome back my friend.
@Shard: Oh dear. This is going to be a long trip.
@Shard: Great we're on a train you don't know how to fully drive. Do you even know where the breaks are? If you say the big lever I will take over this train! Don't make me do it!!!!
@Shard: Well you are the one driving aren't you?
As far as the choice for Jen being a Audino I think it is a perfect fit. I just can't see any other Pokemon coming out quite as adorable as she has. Maybe Riolu but not a Lucario.

Also I have for some odd reason always thought Audino were taller than Gengar Must be the game model playing with me but in Pokepark they were as tall as a Krokorok.
@Slash Segary: Ok I heard that whole line of dialog in the voice of Mike the TV from ReBoot.

@Shard: Well Kirby she isn't the only one who wants to know about that. Really are you killing your power givers? Are you really as omnicidal as Brain Scratch Comms think? At least in this universe.

And why am I asking him? I should be asking Niv.

(Got a little Mel Brooks on ya there didn't I? XD)
Mewtwo if I may Jen isn't sorry about what her sister has done. She is saying she regrets being related to her.

As you say though she has no reason to apologize she can't help who she is related to anymore than you can help the anger you feel for the damage that has been cause.

But do try not to be so sharp with her she cares greatly for all her friends including you.
Oh good gravy Masky has a new way to torment me next time we meet. It'll look like he cut up a red and yellow block of clay! *gets cut up* Ow. *falls to pieces* Now I know what a Scout feels like! Oh look tonsils didn't even know I had mechanical ones.