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Yo Plokman here. Bout time I updated this thing. Its been like this since I was a Noob in 2007. Anyway Heres a few bits of info on my comics and my updates.
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]Temporary hiatus[
Plokman: Origins: My attempt to tell the story of how Plokman came to exists in his Prime universe as well as how he came to travel the dimensions.
Flying Chaos: What was once a Bob and George wannabe now the story of Plokman having adventures. With some Megaman still in there.

Sonic Re:Generations: My Sonic comic telling the story of the Cypher Zone and the adventures of Sonic and Crew in this Zone.

The Author's Guild: What was once a collab is now a author comic. Join us on our Quests won't you?

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@Shard: Well seeing as she was able to fly and flying meant full use of 2 dimensions (3 is she can move in them when inside 2D media but I don't know) meaning she could go up and down at will quite possibly she does need one.
Glad she can use her words as platforms. Thought Bubbles would be good for stairs and all since they have many boxes and she only needs to think them to keep them going.
March 11th, 2018
@Shard: Awesome.
March 10th, 2018
Does Ket like Trains? No that's not a meme Niv I'm honestly asking being a railfan myself I'd find it cool.

Also is that a background from Sunset Riders? It looks familiar to me that's why I ask.
Hope you didn't run into any angry train diving squirrels in there my friend. Bet there was some good H2O and song numbers though.
Oh no. She really is one not to question another's actions. Ket please move with the swiftness of a fleet foot cat mixed with a ninja with a little Covert Operations thrown in. To quote the duck "I'm scared."
February 28th, 2018
@Shard: No! I know that face!
February 28th, 2018
Come on! Come on! Ket you can do it I know it
Oh great welp better get my but back on the odd jobs.
Well Niv I can say you delivered on that promise to my bud G.B.A and more. By the way please do not let him know I woke him up. Scares me when he pulls a Rita Repulsa.

(Look back at G.B.a's last comment when we were talking about Heat Vision if you don't get it. Also sorry. ;) )
@Shard I don't know just something about the it makes me think of deep noted music like that of a Tuba and well when I think of Tuba that song comes to mind. Not connected to Family Guy either as it makes me think of classic cartoons more that is just the best example I knew off the top of my head.

Also that fox in the last two panels that's my color scheme! I know she (That is a lady right I mean sometimes it's hard to tell without the eyelashs and hair styles.) isn't me but so soon after after our talk about this being Letter 7 only is kinda funny.
Is it wrong that I hear that "Follow the Fat Guy Playing a Tuba" version of Ride Of The Valkyries for the computer here?

@Chaos The Hedgehog4444: Not dead incapacitated. Maybe even near dead but not dead.
Dang what was in those Wheaties?! But geez I thought my body was affected by electric power.
February 10th, 2018
@G.B.A: Um she did!
February 10th, 2018
@Shard: Who told you!?
February 9th, 2018
Hmm Niv I remember you promised a fellow of mine heat vision in this chapter. I have not seen it yet.
Forgot to mention even if it is painfully obvious (No pun intended) Plokman has a large hole in his chest right now so remember to show off some motherboard green and gold as well as broken junk.
Bet you didn't see this coming. No Plokman is not dead but if he were a Transformer he would be in Stasis Lock. So I'm pretty much in a coma for the rest of this chapter. Also yes I do so bleed.