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Yo Plokman here. Bout time I updated this thing. Its been like this since I was a Noob in 2007. Anyway Heres a few bits of info on my comics and my updates.
Comic facts

]Temporary hiatus[
Plokman: Origins: My attempt to tell the story of how Plokman came to exists in his Prime universe as well as how he came to travel the dimensions.
Flying Chaos: What was once a Bob and George wannabe now the story of Plokman having adventures. With some Megaman still in there.

Sonic Re:Generations: My Sonic comic telling the story of the Cypher Zone and the adventures of Sonic and Crew in this Zone.

The Author's Guild: What was once a collab is now a author comic. Join us on our Quests won't you?

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    joey tripp
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Watch out for evil trees. I hear one really loves the void.
Kèt if she attacks your soul show her that the will alone can be enough to save you. You got the will power I know you do!

Where is Superman when you need him? (Tiny Toons joke ahoy!)
Bass is a true big brother, just like Mega Man (Now he is the big sister of his group) is with Roll, heck considering Bass is amped up in his negative nature where Mega wasn't maybe his positives are of a stronger nature too.

I honestly have never liked Bass being just a heartless I must be the best type, he struck me as exactly like Mega Man only a enhanced design with certain checks in his persona reversed so he was a better fighter, but underneath it he is still at the core meant to emulate Mega Man and this is a perfect example his sister is hurt and he has no one to turn to to save her save his enemy. If it were swapped Mega Man would indeed take Roll to Dr. Willy if he had no other options, though in his case he does in Dr. Cossack or any of the other Doctors out there who work with Light.

I don't know if any of the Doctors from Ruby Spears, Dreamwave, or Archie exist in SM:R but it is safe to assume Doctor Light isn't the only master robotisit in the good or neutral side of things.
Crap, the main CPU is fried, the ram is dead, the screen is cracked and there's still nothing to watch on TV!
Eh it's a small world one day I will see him again, provided he ain't dead. Then I will see Whiskers again one day. To quote Rodney Dangerfield "No respect, no respect at all."
I think Roll is more concerned about what gender you two got, not being human pity this world doesn't have a Robotnik in it you guys could be Roboticized and have a part swap the be returned to flesh, (Good lord I miss the old Archie days, Mecha Madness for ever!) but either way you are stuck with it for now.
April 16th, 2019
Is that fire or wind Silverado just used? Darn magic bird with silver fire it's hard to tell sometimes, if we go by Sound effect alone it's fire as I always use "Fwoosh" as the Onomatopoeia for fire bursts. listen to this at 1.25 speed it fits too.
Good lord what a mess, it's like that Animaniacs episode, does anyone have a context sensitive remote with a freeze frame button?

Also to quote the Snowman "Gosh it's hot" maybe we can get out before my joints fuse and or we melt.
Why do I feel Anthony's dad is a regular Regulus? Sure don't sound like a Sirius.
This comic is seriously reminding me of this song Blair is practically sing it.
So much nope!
Yeah never fight someone with 10th level touch of death, for comparison a Goomba has level .5 ToD. Mortals have at best level 5 (That is death magic in general) only a few beings have level ten and Grim here is definitely one of em.

Lv. 10 touch of Death, kills anyone or anything in the grasp of the wielder. True divine and demons with immortality are not affected as they are typically ha bit higher on power. DnD and FF logics combined.
Mario: The lies I've told,the lives I've ruined! *beat* This isn't helping me.

Bowser: I don't know, you're sounding more like me all the time.
My mask of choice provides instant shielding to any incoming attack I am aware of. True anything that blindsides me or is too strong can knock me off my feet but at least my body stays safe. If it's upgraded it also protects anyone near me.
I was wondering why this wasn't updating, I only noticed this post due to my Year start being abysmal (Panic attack) I do hope your not under anything serious like cancer or a degrading disease and feel better soon. I would love to team up with you one day for a pokemon comic based on a old idea I have inspired by a ancient Fan Fic, probably ever happen but I can dream after all your style is perfect for pokemon second only to the Adventures manga.
All of a sudden a anthropomorphic crab zooms in, he snatches G's Wallet and later that evening G enjoys a Shellfish dinner free of charge. Good thing he has fireballs retire and have fun with your money.
Man I really must of frazzled Dewi's nerves and sense of direction, never seen the kid take the wrong turn at Albuquerque or Amarillo. :)
Robot is left in the cold again but eh Whiskers is his sister too. So Plokman is fine with it. (Yes if he sees Anthony as his dad he sees Whiskers as a sister just like Sari.Speaking of Anthony needs to make a portable Server thing for her. Maybe a wrist watch she can use as a hot spot sort of thing.)
Wait does Dewi even know Burp? The Puffball, not the basic body function we see here he knows that.