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Cadillacs autodrop are the best.
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looks so uncomfortable Nitro on that chair lel
he's going to kill us all
Lost his cool cuz of his breath jeez.
Nothing to see here.

Just a flesh wound.
im 90% sure.

thats a dick
It's minor but it looks nicer.

10+ style points
Hey Anta, yur a faggot ;).

I suppose this is a female black mage.
idk I dont play FF
im still not sure if lex has a gender.
A better anime spinoff than Hedgehog Piece.
Now that was a stupid comic.
(dont hurt me)
Her ear looks like a hotdog
The text hurts my eyes.

Thought there was something wrong with the text but you did it intentionally.
Might want to look on panel 5.

Something sticking out.
@Sike: With theme I ment what for weapons I'm currently selling.
Like now it is Guns.