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YAY!! More Vortex! <3
w000t!! 8DD

My guess is the two plushies... ... *makes them hump each other* Bwaha!! xD

Also... *straightens the rug* Phew, sorry, OCD-moment. o.o; <3
Bwahahahaa!! Chicken flail ftw ;D <3
October 30th, 2011
BooYAH!! \o/ I've longed for an update, as have all the rest of your fans I'm sure ^_~ And... WHAT IS _IT_!? O.O;;
September 11th, 2011
*does the update-dance* \o/

Also, I've reached a conclusion: He's gay. For the horse. 8D~ <3
*follow the gay development intently* D8<
Mwahahaha, looking fantabulous ;D And I'm super-curious about what the wee bairns found in the woods!! o________o

Keep it up, Luna~~ <3