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I'm a female, not too old and not too young. I like video games (very much so), drawing, and reading manga. I'm the author and artist of Nine Lives Minus One, Graph Paper, The Search For Coffee, and Dusk Forever (coming soon).
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Hello everyone~! >u<)/

I'm happy to announce that my cutesy-poop brand "That Cute Crap" is going to have a brand new sticker sheet in stock very soon! It'll be available in the TCC Etsy Store by May 23rd, 2014. It'll cost $3.00 plus shipping, or no shipping if you plan to purchase it at my art table at Animazement~

If you'd like to preorder a sticker sheet to ensure that you get one (I'm not going to have that many!), please email me at fireflyraye(at)

I hope you like these! * v *
I apologize for the lack of comics/content lately >.<;;;

School + getting ready for convention + commissions/other art that I owe people + social life = pretty much zero time for anything else;;

But I did manage to doodle Ringabel!Mr. Bunny and I will have an Uchuu Usagi comic up later tonight… so I hope you guys can forgive me ; v ; Thank you everyone for your patience!
Sorry for the sporadic updates;; School is keeping me busy!
In all seriousness the Bravely Default demo was fun~
Sorry for the two-week delay! ; v ; I was incredibly busy studying for finals and working on final projects. Hope this comic was worth the wait!;;;
Drawing Mr. Bunny's faces is probably my favorite thing about this comic this week
Another pokemon-related comiiiiiiiic 8'D Friggin' Meowstic, man... it's so nonchalant 24/7 that I cannot even figure out if it's happy or not XD

I promise I'll go back to plots soon;;
Adding to the piles of soul-sucking Espurr pictures on the Internet = v =
May or may not be based on true life events.
Lame joke is lame :'D
Sorry about the long hiatus guys! >.<;;

I really wanted to get a comic out tonight, but it didn't happen. :( I've been extremely busy moving out of my apartment and also been busy with family matters and schoolwork, so it's caused me to have a three week absence now.

I hope to get back on track next week. Q 3 Q So sorry to make you all wait;;;
If you don't quite get this comic, look at the last two comics~ ^ ^
The title will probably only make sense to avid Okami fans like myself~ >u> "The Green Rage" would've probably made more sense buuuuut;;; whatevs;;

I myself am a master of the Holy Falcon technique
Hey everyone~! :D

I'm currently on vacation at the beach, so no comic this week ; v ; Sorry;;; But I hope you enjoy this pic!

See you guys next week! <33
Sorry for the lack of comic last week guys! >.< A lot of family stuff was happening

Enjoy this silliness tho;;;
Lately I've been kind of getting hyped for the new Pokemon game... so... this is a tribute I guess? XD Did this in the style of the evolution charts on Bulbapedia~
Sooooo so so so sorry for the lateness on comics;;; OTL

I hope this teeth-rotting, diabeetus-inducing cuteness makes up for it;;;
Soooo sorry everyone for not posting a comic this week! ; A ; And I'm also sorry I'm posting anything at all a day late OTL

This past week I suddenly had a social life and so I could not find any time to draw anything at all >.<;;; But I hope you guys enjoy this doodle! I would love to redraw it someday into a nicer illustration;;
Told you guys I'd get a comic up this week! :'D