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Blew out the candle
*full sensory experience* Ever have one of those dreams where your mind isn’t tracking with your body, you can’t feel your limbs or move like you’re stuck in mud? That illustrates pretty well what Sallust is feeling right now!
Hatching a plan, burning things
*underwater yelling sounds*
Sentries! (Sentreyes?)
“These are dangerous times to live in Binah. But there is no shame in fear. We, Unus Mundus, and our Swords are your sworn protectors true, but in the interim before we can arrive–let your fear protect you.”

–lines from the Imploration of the Polemarch, a recording that plays periodically through the city (ref 1.21)
“The Jinn, AWOL Wardens, and other Horrors–always fear the Outliers that threaten our sanctuary life here. They will always try to breach our shield, but Unus Mundus will be waiting for them with a bed of Swords.”

– –lines from the Imploration of the Polemarch, a recording that plays periodically through the city (ref 1.21)
*Part of the recording is weirdly garbled and static. This is not isolated to one projector, which suggests something is corrupted about the actual recording and is not a hardware issue. Unus Mundus shrugs it off upon scrutiny*

–A concerned citizen’s notes
“The very name ‘Berserk’ that was coined years ago is rooted in some deeply troubling incidents back when they first started appearing. What about everyone’s fear of them? It’s definitely still there, after all this time. Why should we put all our trust and safety in the hands of–well they’re really just more monsters?” …

The Polemarch simply smiled in response. No more questions.

–More notes of a concerned citizen
“I understand why she won’t say. If people knew more of how these creatures are actually connected–I don’t want to think about it. The Lethe is holding, at least. When would they be ready to know, though? …probably never.”

–more notes of a concerned citizen
This…isn’t what it looks like?
Quiet before the storm
*no comic next week. Going to fix some clumsy dialogue in the previous pages, work on a couple important things, nail down storyboards for the next couple (very important) scenes, andalsoplaykingdomhearts3 thanks for your patience!
Part 4: Explosion
Part 3: Erosion

Just put that one on the shelf.
Part 2: Deflection

“Carry not the torch of desire, lest you set aflame those close to you” --quotation from the Book of the Living, words of the Shekhinah.
Part 1: Reflection

C'mon, just let the bird lady touch you a bit
“--Save them all--”

(Okay this is the last long page for awhile. For reals.)