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I'm an amateur artist seeking to improve my work through consistent practice and feedback from others. Anybody willing to provide the latter is deeply appreciated.
My art style is influenced heavily by manga and anime, but I'm trying to make it my own. As for writing, it's mainly comedy--or rather, what passes for comedy according to my taste in humor.
My DeviantArt page:
@Merri: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

First of all, Cordelia's magic powders may still have a role to play, if I find they can serve the story. It's specifically the pitching powder that Sonny, as of now, still hasn't bothered to wash off, that won't be addressed again. The whole thing was part of an incomplete idea I had for Sonny to gain a baseball-themed Magical Boy persona, but it just never worked out and it was honestly a bit stupid.

If you're concerned about the soft reboot-ish nature of this announcement, please don't worry too much. Everything that's been established still stands. The next chapter will introduce some new developments and the story will pick back up from there, focusing on the present conflict. That's what I mean by future pages being more self-contained.

I hope this clear things up a little bit! I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Hey, I wanted to give all of you here a bit of a heads-up on some changes I'm planning for this webcomic. (For the record, I'm more active at my mirror on ComicFury.) I might not be as responsive on this site as I used to be, but I absolutely DO care about what any readers I may have here think. So if you're inclined to speak up, by all means, please do!
And that's a wrap for this chapter and this act! Come back next week for some cover pages and the beginning of Act 3.
I'm sure Juno has a perfectly good reason for not telling him. Right? Right??
@Oku37: Thank you, I have done my best to keep improving!
You didn't think all those flower petals came from nowhere, did you?
Weekends and federal holidays are strictly non-reaping days.
Chapter's nearly over. Bear with me here.
Maybe you should have spent more time asking those questions instead of scolding Chroma, June.
Some questions just sort of answer themselves.
Possession for the greater good? More likely than you'd think.
@schlissel: She'd punch the person, the glasses, and the person who made the glasses.
And that's how you get June to listen.
I'm not scared, you're scared.
Chroma's communication skills are almost as good as her planning skills.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have made life easier for myself and given skeleghost June expressive eyesockets.
But then I make pages like this and go, "Yep. This'll do."
@schlissel: He's the kind of cupcake that'll give you heartburn.
You could argue that Chroma is as much of a victim of her own terrible planning as anybody, but if you're expecting empathy from June, you're a fool.