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I'm an amateur artist seeking to improve my work through consistent practice and feedback from others. Anybody willing to provide the latter is deeply appreciated.
My art style is influenced heavily by manga and anime, but I'm trying to make it my own. As for writing, it's mainly comedy--or rather, what passes for comedy according to my taste in humor.
My DeviantArt page:
Remember that urn in Chroma's tomb? It wasn't just there for decoration.
The devil's in the details.
She's just sleeping, you guys. Honest.
@JDPftw: Hey, welcome back, man! I do remember you, actually. Good to see you again, and thank you for the kind words!
Turns out corpses aren't the movers and shakers they were advertised to be.
When you try for undeath but you just get death.
We're not so different, you and I.
Stop poking holes in Cupcake's logic, Hero. It makes him cranky, which makes him chatty, which means I have to spend all that extra time on those darn word bubbles of his.
I'm mildly concerned by the sheer amount of time and effort it required for me to produce the intentionally terrible artwork on this page...
@schlissel: Can't keep a good Hero of Justice down.
You thought Hero of Justice was blown to bits? Hah! Justice never dies!
Cupcake didn't get the memo that in this comic, all attempts at summoning familiars are doomed to go horribly wrong.
Oh hey, that manga looks familiar.
Another symbolic chapter cover. Let the speculation begin!
And that's the end of this chapter...or at least the first part, as the observant among you may have noticed. Part two is coming soon...
Good talk, guys.
Come to think of it, when's the last time I drew him with any kind of smile? Cheer up, silly rabbit.
And that's why the sky looks normal at the end of Chapter 9, for those of you keeping score of the plot holes back at home.
Leo used up all his conversational skill points on calling her bluff a couple pages back. I'm impressed he even got this far.