I'm an amateur artist seeking to improve my work through consistent practice and feedback from others. Anybody willing to provide the latter is deeply appreciated.
My art style is influenced heavily by manga and anime, but I'm trying to make it my own. As for writing, it's mainly comedy--or rather, what passes for comedy according to my taste in humor.
My DeviantArt page:
You know this is a fantasy comic because this park has a continuous carpet of lush, green lawn grass, instead of acres of dry Bermuda grass pocked like a golf ball with bare spots.
@schlissel: Thanks! I'm glad to hear that!
So having these horrible things in your body makes them visible to you?

...boy I don't like what this is implying for him.
Because it's your misfortune to be forced to look upon them. had to ask.
Noooo stooop you're just gonna make her write more doujinshis of youuuu
I'm nOT weIRd, You'RE WEirD!
I'm guessing hardcore painkillers are involved, right? Because holy geez, anybody with any amount of nervous system would be in so much pain right now.
The jar is filled with bleach, right? RIGHT??
Oh look it has thorns on its body how delightful
Aww. That's such a long wait. But hey, I'll be looking forward to it! Until then.
...didn't see that one coming.
I'm sure somebody just knocked over a shelf of pots and pans in the next room. Yep. Definitely.
I showed my brother this page and asked if he thought June's hair looked stupid enough. His response was, "She looks like Junkrat." Just thought you should all know that.
Since brevity is the soul of wit / And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief…
That shoe? Gone forever.
I wonder who was the taste-tester. One can hardly perfect a dish without somebody to sample it for flavor.
If you got it, flaunt it.
For somebody who doesn't want a mom, he's got the nagversation exchange down pat.