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I am a lover of art and writing. I love to roleplay and come up with new stories that others will find interesting. I love movies (romance and comedies mostly) and watch the Disney Channel when I'm bored. I love horses the most, and my 3 pet rats. I also adore dogs and cats and will one day have one of both. I am married, living in the basement of my parents house. While waiting for life to move forward, I will bring you arts! Enjoy.
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As soon as you started in on this, I knew where it was going an my heart ached for you. It's been several years since we had to put down my brother's dog, but in the last few years of his life, I was his care taker, so it was like he was my dog and I loved him. It hurt to say goodbye- and has with all my pets.
He's definitely playing along the rainbow bridge and for sure they're with humans, cuz indeed, what would be the point?

Very touching tribute- thank you for your talent, I've been enjoying your comic and this touched close to home. *hugs*
I've never played AC, but I know of it and I love this art and am enjoying how every chapter has a great punchline like ending. Keep it up! I'm loving this!
I found this the other night and read the whole thing! Took me awhile, but I did! And I'm in love. I so adore how you change the style and atmosphere of the story as we read. At first I thought the style edits were a mistake or you were just lazy (maybe a bit lazy yeah? ^.~) but then I was like "Oooh, cool!"
Then the tone changes are what keep you reading too- It's serious one moment, then there's some fun and some interludes and breaks- it's so very entertaining. I had to clamp a hand on my mouth not to laugh out loud at some parts (it was in the middle of the night, ppls sleeping!). Very inventive and fun to read.
Can't wait to see what happens next!