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I'm just your somewhat average everyday guy.Aside from the fact that isn't a movie in existence that can scare me or the fact that I can easily kill someone in one hit...I'm pretty normal. LOL just kidding but Seriously don't piss me off. I enjoy Tea, Reading, Heavy Metal Music, playing Games, making Stories, and pwning you at everything. I don't have a job....yet. As for hobbies... well I used to go to the park with my dog...... May his soul rest in piece..... If you want an epic story or some help with ideas on a comic I'm your man Just message me or comment on my page.
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Since when could Ghost Rider Fly up into the air? Aside from that.....BRING ON THE PAIN!!!!
hmmm.... I think the reason people do not vote for the DBZ Characters, is because they know if this weren't based on votes Everyone else would be freaking wasted. As for this fight, hell I really can't tell whats going to happen. Just be sure that...whoever wins, there will be blood
cant say I'm not disappointed, but oh well, what are you gonna do. I give this kill a 9/10
OH, I told you not to underestimate batman beyond, Its about time he used the cloaking feature of his suit. I'm sure hes got more surprises in store for sonic.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: You dont need super powers to be a hero, and as for the abilities of Batman Beyond these are what I know: His outfit works a sort of exo suit enhancing his strength and heightening his senses, has the ability of flight and a nearly perfect cloaking device that conceals him completely, He fights with more of a reckless style than the original batman, but it works equally as well, his array of gadgets range from the classic batarang and grappling hook, to more complex devices such as tazer shots, explosive mini bombs, tracking devices, and more. Sonic is a super fast hedge hog wit ha big mouth and an even bigger ego, Where as Terry is a walking one man arsenal who rarely knows defeat.
I can't even believe I'm saying this, but sonic is annoying me, his cocky attitude is starting to piss me off, me, the guy who could sit through an hour of my little brother repeating my name. I'm gonna root for batman beyond solely for the fact that I actually enjoyed his series and 4kids made sonic Btw sonic's speed can't give him the edge in a battle against a guy who actually contains the DNA of the original Batman(it was an episode of justice league) so in short....GO Batman Beyond!!!
Out of both a Blend of Pity for his failure and respect for his ego, my vote has to be for Vegeta
this makes my head dizzy...
Its about time shadow won, now wheres my $50 bucks?
At this point in fight it seems sasuke has an advantage considering shadow isnt knowledgeable in how to defend against sasuke's jutsus
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: I agree, Shadows teleportation ability gives him a clear advantage even if sasuke has mangakio sharingan. However if he were to finish offf shadow before he could reach his super form, who knows what could happen
I honestly cant predict who will win this one O_O
So wait, where did batman beyond come from o.o
for me it was Spiderman vs. Robin
Lets see sasuke's sharingan keep up with the ultimate lifeform
This is already epic from the start
This id going to be majorly EPIC!!!!
FINALLY!!! Superman is down! Cu-does on Thor's final blow. As for the next fight, Peter vs. Mario would be pretty funny... But I'm more for the action, And Shadow Vs. Sasuke more than makes for an epic fight :D