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I have a few unfinished projects here, but have found a new passion with the newest project as it is co-joined with my best friend.

I'm a nerd with a big love for beautiful art and shit like that. If anything makes no sense I love to find the sense in that and laugh at people who sits there like questionmarks. And I'm a sucker for romance.
I just realized I hadn't read autophobia (or any other webcomic for that matter) in ages!! And I rushed over!! AND NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Had like almost half a year to catch up on. The boys are just too adorable and I'll never be able to get enough of them!!
Ghost you are so amazing!! Have I told you that??? (yes I most certainly have)
ghost you are so amazing and your boys are amazing and i just feel like you have to know that because reading the ending of this chapter was just so amazing and made me so darn happy!! I am really behind with reading webcomics because real life takes too much of me but I make sure to check in on autophobia once in a while. I don't comment as often as I would like to either! I'm looking forward to ch15. Until then, take care!
this is so like them i cant breathe
I've been so worried! When I found this it was already inactive and I wanted to find you and ask you if this was completely dead or just on hiatus but you were completely inactive on all other accounts I could trace to you and I just couldn't help but wonder if something might have happened to you and I would never know.
I'm so glad to learn that you're okay and that this lovely project isn't dead! It makes me sad that you'll be taking it down though. I'm of the strong belief that you should embrace your past and not be ashamed of it (the reason why I've allowed my comics and fanfics to remain online although I sorta wanna cringe at the thought of them...)
whatever I'm way too tired, shouldn't be writing. just glad to have you back!
Okay, so... this comic isn't dead.
Anyone believe me?

Well, the thing is that at some point life happened (hard to believe right???) but me and @inclusit would NEVER give this up. It's our baby! All of the characters are our children! But as it turned out when I wanted to pick this up again both of us felt that the first chapter didn't hold up. So At this moment I am very busy working on a remake of the prologue and chapter one!

So in time we will be back with more! We just can't tell when because... you know, life.
I just want to give you, ghost, the biggest award for this wonderful fucking page and for perfectly being able to draw that feeling that I bet a lot of us knows when you really really want to and it's probably fine and you should just go for it but like nononono damnit just

you are so amazing
it's almost painful like srsly Daniel is pretty much repeating that he likes Louis over and over how could Louis ever stay sane in that situation alskjd my heart
fuck it really did get worse before it got better

(I love you)
my heart is seriously beating faster like are you TRYING to kill me?!??? my 4-years-being-single-heart can't handle these stupid teenagers beeing adorable and awkward and flirting up a fucking storm
pfft I just went from the latest page of Jamie to this and I was like "hmm sorta recognize those fellas..."

also is that poop on his drawer? cute poop
gotta raise your boys better ghost
So bold! So cute! With those eys and just aslkjdf Daniel is so precious!
I just reread that text conversation like four times and just wow so cute i can't i think i'm making the same giddy face louis is
Book! Book! Oooh yes! And I finally have a proper job and money to buy such a lovely thing!! Awesome timing, ghost!!

also poor chloe stay strong girl!
my life's been total crap and emotional chaos lately so watching these dorks smile at each other like this is a fresh wind you're amaze ghost!
I've been so busy lately with my new job and suddenly moving and packing takes up all of my free time and I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy feelings so right now reading autophobia and these mushy adorable idiots be so sickenly sweet and blushing and all that is just making me feel SO MUCH. This is everything I needed right now. THANK YOU!

Also I haven't commented in ages... good thing life will calm down soon and I can get back to my usual routines ;)))
so cuuuute!! everything is just so cuuute!! aah today is gonna be a good day! all this cuteness!!
that last smile just wow
and it's so different without the colour it's so interesting to see their expressions so raw like this once in a while haha... I'm so used to the colours I guess
I just had the most exhausting weekend at a con and I completely forgot about Autophobia yesterday so right now when I was in the middle of something I just stopped and was like "I GOTTA CHECK AUTOPHOBIA!!" and now I'm here and just holy shit I'm so thrilled and upset and excited this scene is hitting me right in the feels I can so relate to the feeling and just wow Ghost I've said this before and I'll say it again just wow you really manage to get feelings across!

and now I'll have to go back to what I was doing and hope that this cliffhanger doesn't kill me before I see what happens next
Ooooh I'm so happy to see an update! And this is so adorable, especially Louis face in the first panel like geeez that expression is priceless!!