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Zombie Sperm
Yaoi. ;)
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    MES and BACCO
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LOL "the green one is an illegal trader"
420 blaze it
.... I'm confused.
I kid u not this looks 3D on my laptop
There's a typo:
losing* you
I don't like Kris for being an a-hole to Ginger and he's hardcore cheating and it sucks yo! I am passionate!
I dutifully await.
You broke my mind.
Zombie Sperm
December 9th, 2014
PFFF Circle-kissing, that's so ridiculous hahaha, I request an diagram of how this would work....
Wait I don't recognize these two, what chapter are they from? I forget.
Zombie Sperm
December 2nd, 2014
I begin to love this more and more everyday. STAND UP TO THOSE BIGOTED HOS. (then kiss) (actually i'm kinda ambivalent about that so its ok if you don't)
@RazorD9: wait i'm sorry how is 20k the lowest for a new car?
... "this isn't even a trick"
I did like the story! It was beautiful <33
Don't hurt yourself!
I wish i there was dialague for the dragon, but the implied conversation is amusing
.... and ship.
hahah just kidding, they're cute though
Zombie Sperm
October 2nd, 2014
omg yes this is what i wanted
"well i guess i have to" lol
Can we just talk about these logistics of his guestimate of the hypothetical baby's race? Since when are people ever in thirds lol
"one-third tiger"
Zombie Sperm
September 10th, 2014
Saturday is the best
... Fuck you Blythe.
Fucking with my OTP and shit. Cut that shit out.