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@randnum: You're exactly right on that point. Lately I've been asking that question every day.
Space Magic.
Does Mika even get mad?
Well, someone's going to need stitches, but it's not Liam.
@WingFreak: He is very upset :(
Mika's spidey senses are tingling.

I post rough pages early on Patreon. Take a look if you're interested. The rough for page 42 will be up sometime in the next two days!
Wow! You all really don't like Liam....can't blame you, he's an ass. Unfortunately, it gets worse before it gets better. But it does get better! I promise!

On a side note, my patreon is up and running properly! Take a look if you'd like. I'll aim to have the roughs for the next page on patreon the day following a page upload here. I will also have some pdfs of extra artwork on there soon!
Something they can agree on?
@Travelingpooch: Haha! Perfect. Thank you for this.
@Hawkflame: Anthony is bi, Liam is gay and Mika is: <img src=""> ;
Liam, you're not using that term properly.
Speaking of not being an open book...who's Liam?
@WingFreak: It's obligatory, haha. I'm glad it made your day <3
Someone really doesn't want to be there.
Thanks to everyone who voted for Mika's outfit on Instagram. It was tied up, but there was more interest in outfit number one overall, so here it is! If you want to follow Mika on IG, the link is in my profile <3
...not those kind of drinks, Mika.
@Lynxiechan: You are correct. Anthony is entirely underestimating Mika's judgment and has very little idea what he's capable of...yet ;)
Sara is doing the exact thing Theo told you to do, Anthony