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Without Mika that would have been a trip to the hospital.

Note: I don't usually mention stuff like this in the description but you all should check out It is an advertising site for comics that is LGBTQ friendly. It's fairly new and I'm already getting new readers. It definitely has the potential to fill the void left by project wonderful. Just want to post about it in case it could be of benefit to any of my readers/fellow comic creators. <3 Also, I want to bid on your ad spaces ;)
It's Space Magic, Liam.
Everyone's crying...
Just inks for now, my friends. Work is literally insane right now and I didn't want to make you all wait forever for this page <3
One more page of Liam's memories after this because I'm sure Mika can't take much more (I know I can't).

There is also a version of this page with dialogue, but I cut all of it out. What do you think? Dialogue? No dialogue? Both? <3
As a warning the next two pages deal with death and grief and all those things that sometimes go along with it. It won't be graphic but just a heads up.

I also promise this is important to the plot and that this is not the tone for the whole chapter. ;)
Sorry in advance for the coming pages <3

I'll probably come back and tone this a bit more but for now I just wanted to get the page up. Hope you are all doing well.
Minus the constant swearing in front of their little brother, Liam and his sister were pretty good kids.
Fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Sorry for taking so long to put up this page. Life got super busy for a bit.
@Travelingpooch: Ah ahaha! Some things are best left to the imagination...for now <3
Leave it to Mika to go for the most ominous looking thing in the room.
Happy Pride my friends! <3 <3 <3
They were making a scene.
Things get weird now. Also, Liam's mind doesn't contain pretty stuff, so if something upsetting is being shown I'll put a warning at the top of the page.
@randnum: You're exactly right on that point. Lately I've been asking that question every day.
Space Magic.
Does Mika even get mad?
Well, someone's going to need stitches, but it's not Liam.
@WingFreak: He is very upset :(
Mika's spidey senses are tingling.

I post rough pages early on Patreon. Take a look if you're interested. The rough for page 42 will be up sometime in the next two days!