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I will be making a comic soon i hope ;3; just wait and see
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XD he sounds like a happy person or what ever when he texts
5th plane omg why does it look so cute D:
this is old seen it 3 days ago.....

still need to work on the hair
oh wow you used my pony XD
hey guys if you look at the video at 12:32 you can see the mare has wings and a horn so there can be alicorns other than Luna and Celestia
ummm here maybe ^_^
@greenpowerstar: i like to watch them all the time XD it'a really funny to see them as colts
ummm here? 2S2S0000206600FE0000000100100FFFEUN153B108020000U1A200FE0000000G107F3FCC004CB2
ok give a min 333C0000208400FE0000000100100D5FEUN1536108020000U1B700FE0000000G107F3FCC004CB2 sadly the mane as to muck black in it
maybe you can use my oc don't know it looks ok hehe
this is going to be EPIC ^0^
the moonlight dream dress looks like something my oc would wear
how do i do this i want it NOw
nvm i got it
you mean happy heart warming XD
can i use this as a base?? just want to know
T^T i was going to make a comic like this eps but know i can't WWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY