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Thanks for visiting! I love the SJ community and I look forward to reading all your feedbacks so feel free to express yourselves! At least once a week, I will update my NEW comic "Devil's Magic Show," so please look forward!
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I've made a record speed painting of my processes!! you can watch it here:
hours and hours of my blood and tears, and this is only a capture of a couple of pages in a span of 2 mins TT0TT.

Anyway, this has been an amazing journey, and it is one more thing off my list. Thanks again for sticking with me these few years.

xoxo, nillazilla/deerologist
it has been a long time
I guess I procrastinated in uploading these last few pages because of my fear of ending this. I've been working on this project since 2011 and it has been such a journey. Thanks all this message might reach.
There it is!
@Dave_Kun: sweetness! good to know my sneak-attack was effective ;)
Hm, just wondering if anyone's still hanging with me here. There aren't many more pages left--the end is coming near!! I'm both sad and excited.

I'm wondering what you think about Tristen as a character. Is he a trustworthy narrator? What do you make of Amelie and Tristen's relationship?
2 new pages! :D
happy new year!!!
Happy to start updating again! My new year's resolution is to complete DMS :D and be more organized. What about you guys?
It's getting quite chilly these days! Nice to warm up by the fire with a nice cup of coffee and a book to read. Happy Holidays, SJ~
Sorry sorry! Such a slow updating rate ;m;
Lots of exams lately but I shall do my best inching towards the finish line!
I swear I have never even heard of donnie darko at the time of writing this comic.
Poor poor little Amelie. Thanks everyone for sticking around! I'm going to start updating more often before summer comes to an end. It's quite an old project I'm trying to finish here, but it holds a special place in my heart. Be back soon!!
TRIGGER WARNING: There may be subject matters/visuals in the following page that some may find offensive. You have been warned.

Otherwise, thanks guys for all the faves and for making it this far with me!
@Forgottologinomg: Thanks for your concern, I unblocked it! There's just some mature topics and I had no idea it blocks with every page turn ^^' Perhaps it's different with different browsers. Anyway thanks! :)
And this concludes the one-shot! Thanks all for reading. If you like to read more, my new comic <<Devil's Magic Show>> can be found here:
Thanks bunch and much love!!
@AkaSaku-chan: You're very kind! I'm still trying to play around *x*
Finally updating!! Thanks for your patience
Let our journey begin!
@vera kulikov: Thanks :) It will be weekly updated
@Hiyori: You guys are so kind!!
@Dave_Kun: I appreciate your support! ;v;