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You can call me Kiyo or Kitty (nyan~) I'm into online gaming, writing, reading, fanfiction, and drawing. I'm an otaku to the fullest~. My favorite anime is probably Naruto...well it's more like an addiction to seeing hot anime guys (Neji, Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Deidara, and ALOT more) o.o I love neko anime boys A LOT. I love japanese music, especially the nico nico chorus. Clear <3 I'm also a mega-yaoi fan girl. I love Japan Hmmm that's all I can think of to write. o.o OH! I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. That is all
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The Janitor
Google Broken
My google is broken...lmao xD Omg so funny~ Best excuse to call someone ever!
This page was funny xD Four seconds away huh? xD
Kaikai's twin <3 The girl here is kinda cute >3<
Aww I liked the other one but this is still pretty good. :3 And your drawing is not crappy O:< I think its perty :3... other than the little area between his upper lip and nose o.o But still good, you know how picky I am ^.^ His hair is perfect :3
KaiKai should be the extra :3 Since he's barely been in here. QQ

But omg when I saw Kiyachan, I was like OMG someone hacked my account but forgot tht this account wasn't Kiyochan and it had an a in it xD
KaiKai My Love
Bunneh when is my KaiKai coming back D: And also I ish so happy you're getting more comments ^.^ Hopefully I'll be able to assist you soon since I'm suppose to be getting my Uncle's laptop =.=
Have to wait for my Sister to bring it though. <.<
Hot black dude! =3 Lol I freaking love your chibis >3<
@THE Bunneh: LMAO XD Yeah i understand
@THE Bunneh: Lol...funny penis
@THE Bunneh: When are you gonna draw a sexy extra of KaiKai D:
@THE Bunneh: Download Yahoo?
@THE Bunneh: BUNNEH. I have a dilemma QQ. I had to do the little update thing with my computer for school I cant get on skype or deviant art or anything else QQ. But for some reason smack jeeves is allowed...So yeah I can only talk to you whenever you get on here, which I hope is alot. *crosses fingers* Im gonna be so lonely >.< I dont even have a freakin cellphone. :( So I guess youll get this tomorrow hopefully. *sigh* Please reply Bunneh I cant handle being lonely QQ I cant even read my e-mail...I shouldve never updated...Lol I had no choice but to post this on here x3 it wouldnt let me pm you >.> Fcking sucks yo

The webcomic is coming along great btw Bunneh ^.^ so proud of chu. I wont be too much into though until my KaiKai comes back <3 His rocker sexiness

James is so pretty o:
@THE Bunneh: I WANT MORE :3
@THE Bunneh: That building was awesome o.o Although...whats that in the bottom panel ._.
Good Work Bunneh ^-^
@THE Bunneh: *patpat* don't worry about it Bunneh..
Love the chibis <3