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Boss Stevens
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This is what happens when you grab the ass of a muscular dude that happens to look girly from behind. You get punched hard enough you go flying in front of the Flying Fortress! XD
@Spar Elric: XD Sucks to be Fuzzy then.
I wonder if that was a uppercut toward the crotch area upward to the face at the same time before the launch. o.e
@Spar Elric: XD I bet Fuzzy won't remember that.
Now that's a good reason to be thrown. XD But who threw him, I wonder? XD
I like how Fuzzy is still laying there. XD
"I wonder what Able did today"
Lets see..... How about still laying on the bench flatter than a pancake? XD
@Spar Elric: I didn't know that. O_o
Spar made the text bubbles, actually.
I think we're making progress
Alright, third update in less than a month. I think I'm starting to get back my proper thoughts for making comics. With the help of Spar and various other friends, of course. :3 Anyway, I'll make a comic detailing about what has recently happened with a friend of mine sometime soon.

EDIT (January 30th, 2012): Comic edit'd to Spar's favor.
Ah, okay. We need to think of a actual plot for this comic.
Also, how the hell did you know there was a update for this comic?
I didn't know that. O.o What about red on a blue text bubble? Sorry. X_x
Another update!
This one was also a bit rushed. I was originally gonna do a 6 panel by 6 panel comic but a friend (who never reads the comic O.o) managed to talk me into splitting it into two different parts.
Whoo, update!
Alright, I may have rushed this one (and the next one) a bit too much. Sorry about the rush this comic went through. Also, I ALMOST lost this issue due to some weird glitch in Photoshop when I was trying to edit the faces. Not going through that again. =.= Good thing I sent the issue to Chris or I would be pretty pissed.

Boss Stevens
October 27th, 2011
JUST caught up with the entire comic from start to here. I really enjoy reading this comic, Shard. ^^
Boss Stevens
October 27th, 2011
Great, whenever I read a line from Daisuke, I imagine Victor from Fallout New Vegas talking. XD
Heh, that's funny. XD