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The Creepz
@Almightyra: For the record, every time she sparkled, I tried to loot her. ;u; my fem hawke who was crushing on Aveline felt all dirty feeling up her own mom though.
All That Writing
Hmmmm.... I wonder if Sai like... prewrites all of his rants before he goes to confront Kuragi. P= that's a LOT of stuff they'd have to wait for him to write. xD
Cosplay Question~
What colors does Chris wear? I don't think I've seen his in-game persona in color before and I was thinking of going as him and Naoto this year. lol
@Griffen - oh... oh the feels. Everytime someone brings up the unsterilization of the krogans, I think of Mordin. ;u; Mordin should have been romancable -sniffles-
=O The Resurrection of the Chocobo Knights!!!!
@AlkseeyaKC: -watches with you- It's going to get good~!
As long as there's a whorish elf in the party, I'm good. That elf is always fun to mess with.
November 7th, 2012
Oh no, his mommy isn't in that hole, is she?
Yes... I bring presents. I bring giggle worthy presents... =D Thank you so much for allowing me to cosplay as Naoto!! I picked my favorite three. One just happens to be a goofy one that's my fb profile pic now. lol. --> Shot 1 --> Shot 2 -->Shot 3
@H0lyhandgrenade: Why do we even have other regions? =3 Or countries for that matter. I think we should be deemed Peopleland.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Why do we even have people that can keep a bilingual conversation? D=<
I'm also not happy with not being able to choose race, but if the level size is as huge as they said it will be, then I think it's an okay sacrifice. I also believe Cullen better be in it. D=< What's DA without a puppy-faced templar?
@Soul Moony: Want quail eggs? =/ I can't get rid of them fast enough. I've stopped collecting them since some of my hens lay twice a day.
Wait... wah?
D= You can save Carvier? Well hell, I wish I knew how. D=< Bethany is too much of a whipped bitch for me.

=/ I thought I was the only one that thought the AB was pretty easy this year. P= My teacher said I would be walking out of the room, thinking I failed.

Why won't your college give credit for the Government exam? Because they want a 5 or it's just not one that they're willing to except for a College-Executive-Reason-that-no-one-shall-understand?
OH MY GOSH! You're taking APs too? Which ones are you taking?

I'm taking (took) Calc AB and will be taking the Biology monday. =3 I think I pulled a 3 on the Calc, and confident about 4, if not a 5 for the Bio.
-starts shaking your hand excitedly- missed you. Missed you greatly, m'dear.
@chikao: Where's the thumbs up button when it is truly needing... like for your comment -does a respectful golf club clap- Good form. Good form.
Now I want to cry

First? That's like... a miracle, I believe
November 24th, 2011
Not the turkey...
The turkeys aren't who we need to worry about, it's all those chickens!!!