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teehee the plot is still a little sketchy but so far. . .it's about a grim reaper :D and a guy who is scared of rabbits lol
I dont know why but the famous line of
"Porque?Por que Maria!?"
popped into my head xD sorry if that was a little redundent :) but any who love this comic so far! :D
he didnt even have to look back mwha!
what a dork xD he was so bold earlier. ;P
September 3rd, 2011
shweet I'm just loving this comic more and more! :D
I love that scarf! :D
it's touching yet sad at the same time :( that she would be so 'easy' ;P lol jk, but great so far I cant wait to see what you have in store for the next update :D
poor girl >__<
hehehe xD too cute for words! :D
wow! thats great to hear! :D this story is rocking my socks off lol also lovely page :D
uh oh! O__O
dang it, now it stops here I was getting so curious as to whats going on with mr.mysterious.

Also what will Elizabeth do about the jerk she has to meet with everyday. . .hmmm

great story and i cant wait for the next update! keep'em comin' I'll be devoted and read those pages lol
i'm right there with ya about not feeling good >__< I hope you get better before me lol xD

also awesome update! yay :) kegan never struck me as a 'mean' character.
when in life and death scenario JUMP! lol
great work like always and I just love the last panel :D Rollo's eyes are cute :3
August 19th, 2011
yay! I knew you would win :D its an epic banner that leads to and even more epic story. :) any who love the suspense here.
~happy dance~ yay you updated! :D
and abandoned lol
where did you go!? <: ( we misses you and your epic story skills T___T ~sniffles~
Did you repost your story? I remember there being. . .more like the blonde guy talking to the kids :/ am I going crazy? lol
something didnt go right did it? <: (