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...Stop staring at me...
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Whoever made this comic should be ashamed of themselves.

And admin should be ashamed for banning the people who commented.

And if I get banned then I will KNOW that some moron is trying to screw with people.

Please just read a tutorial. And you might ACTUALLY make a good comic. If you dont...Well...Alot more people will be banned because of your immatureness
Reed...What does that have to do with mystory?

Dude the roflenief is from arby 'n' the chief JOKE THIEF

...Damn SAZ still needs help.
Realy...I think ghost should make a sequel...not opened to authors but to cameos...It would be good...however it is up to her.
@Crazy: This was in an MSN rp dipwad.

As always Shard ALWAYS arrives in time!
There are only two possibliities...But most like it is what everyone is thinking.
No actually I do have fighting sprites. I'll send them to ya over MSN
I'm not dead D=...I just could never defeat kat that is all...And since they have the same fighting style it is kinda hard to defeat something that I cant defeat. And by the way I can be a good fighter when I wanna be!
Afro he can do anything he wishes...

dont tell him what to do.
I never see em...I have five pop up blockers.
Only thing I can imagine Tails asking sonic for is something along the lines of a freaking blue gem that has the ability to shoot out electric energy.

This is the reason I am not too much of a sonic fan anymore. It just dosen't work in a 3D enviorment. It is for the DS and the gameboy. This is a 2D game Sega bring it back to the way it was.

and as for this ad, They should be completely ashamed of themselves for making such a horrid thing. Mario and sonic must beat the crap out of them now.
Reds shut up...Smeezette is entiltled to their opinion too.

Great job with the art shard, Hope to see more of it around ^^
Guys I know I posted this on youtube need to get a capture card...or you could plug your wii into a VCR plug your camera into the VCR and then you can record it higher quality. Just add me at And I'll show you how

And nice going shard. bringing back the rivalry ^^
Hello...This is Glandor the hedgehog your friendly neighborhood Critic! I have come to give you tips on how to be a better spriter! If you delete my comment will just get worse. Anyway...

1. Author comics= overused...Colabs are fine. But opening to authors is a bad idea. Trust me on that...

2. If you are going to make a comic please find tutorials...otherwise you tend to come out bad.

3. and for gods sakes ACCEPT HELP!!! You drive good people off by bugging them off...Trust me...
For once I agree with tom...(huge rant ahead)


All we want to do is help you improve! Become great spriters! BECOME ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!!!

And look what happens? You freaking toss us aside...Well I've had enough. Trolling is not the proper way of doing things...but I know what the way we should do things is...We should explain to them for once.
We needed more images...yeah...And thanks for the nice comments ^^
Jacob and I are working on a huge project for mystory. I kind of miscalculated when it would be done. I'm working on it now. ^^ Dont worry mystory will be back in a flash.

Glandors' new sprites