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Here's a bunch of stuff I forgot to post because I suck.
@Justin: Haha, thanks!
@Justin: No problem, thanks for enjoying the comic!
@Justin: Absolutely. The comic is more about playing through ME3 and how depressing (in a good way...?) it was, than just the ending.
@Belbe: Honestly, 99% of the game is really really good. So I'd still recommend playing it.
@MetaMythril: Aw, thanks!
Videogame comix.
Over on my tumblr I asked for some suggestions for sketches. This particular sketch ended up turning into a comic apparently.

A 1930's farmer that discovers something magical/mythical.</blockquote>
February 1st was hourly comic day!

My only regret is using such a smudgy pencil.
@Dude: I suddenly feel nauseated and vaguely sticky.
The end.

I hope you've enjoyed this instructional comic on how to pick up the ladies.
This is a quick comic I actually made a while back. If you follow me on DA or tumblr you've already seen it. I think I might make more comics along the same vein in the future. My life can't always be a wellspring of horrible inspiration.

Just... please, no jokes about arrows in knees. I have heard roughly millions at this point.
@Lickspittle: Thanks so much!
Hope you enjoy this comic where NOTHING HAPPENS. It's a set up to the next one, I promise.
@Chaplin: Thanks, Chaplin! I appreciate it!
@Skirtz: Haaaa! That's amazing. Sup, doppelganger.

When my (now ex) bf was looking for our cat after she fell out of the window he checked with the guy who was beating up his wife. He said he hadn't seen her but if he did he'd kill her. So that was awesome.
@arminis: Wow, that's... imaginative.
@Katt: Yay! I'm glad you like it!
@Jonathan: Shut up, I do what I want to the english language.

Yeah, I think I told you guys after it happened. I can't remember how much I said about it though. Things get more... INTENSE.
I racked my brain for a while trying to figure out how to make a story about being stalked by a dude who thought he was a wolf funny. But I guess it's the kind of story that tells itself.

This is part one of (probably) three.

PS. This series of events was more weird than scary for me. Don't worry, I'm not emotionally scarred or anything.