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you guys are still making this

why are you still making this
why haven't you moved on with your lives
I might pick this back up if people are still interested. idk if anyone is though...
and with that i will leave
he's trying to warp out of the blank world if you couldn't figure that out
so as it turns out im not dead just brutally maimed
also this
darn it i read the title and thought theawesomepizzaman was back
speaking of which is it just me or does leo look like he has breasts in the second sprite
ffs guys i try to leave for a bit then you go crazy with updates
Well not every day is the same in the blank world...heck, how's one supposed to even know if a day's gone by?
Also, isn't this your first comic since you were removed? If so, welcome back.
Just a few missiles. Honestly won't do much damage, but they will get some attention... probably...
EDIT: Crap, forgot to but "Call ended" before when Lightning Man says stuff... oh well. Just read it in whatever order, I guess.
@Chaos Master: Yep. Lightning Man isn't known for his patience though...anyway, I don't think I can update until you do with that plot, which is why I bring it up.
Random comment was used. Next page will use the command system.
I'd say it's over for the most part.
And my character is still waiting for Shadow Chamas to pick up his ship's phone...
Well, it's not like it's not fitting, what with the musical names throughout megaman already...
I'd update too, but I'm still waiting for Chaos Master to pick up the phone on his ship...
Does Wily even have any weapons on his ship?
I say A, but keep B in case you want to put this into an animation or something.
Well this explains the last page, but what's with Razor's face in the last panel? It looks like she's really angry while simultaneously blushing and derping.
@DarkScarz: Piano is a musical term too, it means the opposite of forte (hence why I suggested naming this prototype "Mezzo-Forte"...)
Me: Uh, weren't you guys killed by Dr.Light when-