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Didn't this go from Mystery to Romance already?
Nah I'm pretty sure Leif is the rotten one
Woops, forgot a character trait for a second there Riley XD
Give them both knives and we can have even MORE fun!
For a second I thought the comic page just wasn't loading, then I scrolled down and it's HUGE.
I'm not sure about the smile, but I trust those eyes.
"Some foul villain." That seems like a little bit of an over exaggeration, but sure, let's roll with it.
Sometimes a good story needs a scandal. :P
February 14th, 2018
I like that Anna has become the strong willed dominate one for for this.
February 7th, 2018
Is this how they find out the truth about what happened to Paul?..... This could go badly...
finally caught up XD
@Xylas_Incarnum: there's always the fruitcake. That damned fruitcake *shivers*
I'm wondering how Kevin would react if Kinny did tell him the reasons he became a villain. I definitely feel he'd be taken aback if he was told that Kinny's doing this so he can before someone else can.
November 15th, 2017
To those asking how her lineage works, I'm pretty sure it was already established that a direct blood line isn't necessary.
@stkbayfield: now that I think about it you've brought up an interesting thought, I think Stan's telekenisis is more refined and better for use with multiple objects at once, while as Kevin's seems to be more brute force, pushing things away, lifting one thing up at a time, and so forth.
@HamPlan: He also doesn't have the full costume in so only his face is protected. GO FOR THE ARMS!! GRATE THEM GOOD!
@HamPlan (Guest): I said GameS plural, so both. Ones gonna be an xmas present.
So Stan's getting beaten up, and Alice is currently enjoying buying baked goods. Also I love those kinds of Japanese bakeries too. There's some in different supermarkets I go to sometimes and I got to them every so often. Maybe I'll go to one when I go get the Pokemon Games.
I have to agree with sharpshot and StubbornVirus on this, Kinny doesn't look like he's obviously super powered, whereas Amazingman is FLYING and wearing a mask. This might not go well for either parties involved.
I kinda want to see something like a romance or romcom cos I think it would be amusing to see the girls AND Leif interact with it.