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I kinda like the change in the colour of Kin's face there, nice touch.
September 6th, 2017
I quite like the new looks, very them. And Leif's broken mask makes me think of an OC of mine, who wears a mask resembling a cracked China Doll face.
@stkbayfield: I understood that reference.
Shits about to get serious.
Ohey I was right! :D
What's another $10 debt?
The only thing I can think of that is Lineage Child related that we've seen Susan and Anna can do, so I'm going to guess that it's the ability to concentrate on someone and see that spirit of their Sire/Dam. Cos if the "gift" Bell is talking about isn't their body situation, that's the only thing I can think of.
I wonder if she has the ability to discern the blessings and banes of other sires or something, or if she's just somehow worked out what they can do.
@stkbayfield: Party Crasher is the most diabolical villain name I've ever heard.
I wonder if the Company also "pays" less if the villain is killed.
I remember asking about if plays count when I was asking for permission to use Sire as a base of inspiration for a story I was writing. Not that the lineage children I had in mind were used, but I believe I asked about it cos I was thinking of having a Medea child and Macbeth child in the story.
There's some irony in him realising he's now just a character for entertaining the masses.
Looking back I found out it's a passport -_-
I forget, did we ever get the title of the book that's been impaled onto his chest by the same knife impaling him on the wall?
I suppose I was right about there being consequences of his spine being fixed, but I don't think I expected them to be so straight forward.
Ok so we're sure Anna ISN'T crazy right?
I wonder if that mechanical support for his spine is going to have some kind of consequence....
I mean, would you really expect the Sherlock Child to live somewhere so obviously connected to her sire?
Is that an Incredibles reference? :3
@Hamplan: that would probably be a reasonable guess considering it was revealed a few pages ago that the Association works with heroes from multiple dimensions.