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There's some irony in him realising he's now just a character for entertaining the masses.
Looking back I found out it's a passport -_-
I forget, did we ever get the title of the book that's been impaled onto his chest by the same knife impaling him on the wall?
I suppose I was right about there being consequences of his spine being fixed, but I don't think I expected them to be so straight forward.
Ok so we're sure Anna ISN'T crazy right?
I wonder if that mechanical support for his spine is going to have some kind of consequence....
I mean, would you really expect the Sherlock Child to live somewhere so obviously connected to her sire?
Is that an Incredibles reference? :3
@Hamplan: that would probably be a reasonable guess considering it was revealed a few pages ago that the Association works with heroes from multiple dimensions.
@DracheLehre: I mean, he still has that cool vest and tie.
@Alexis_Royce: Is there even a 4th wall to break in Sire?
Did the glove slap him in the face? lmao also seems like we might see Julian soon XD

Also Alexis, I might be getting started soon on what I asked you about a few weeks ago :3
Wait so Evil Plan and Sire both have Anna in different situations for a reason? :O
Well then, this should be interesting.
@AcolyteofDaniel: *Cough*RobertDowneyJr*cough*
Dammit I knew I was forgetting something XD
Wait so the Sherlock-Child WASN'T who he was expecting?
@Merrsharr: I mean, I mentioned it looked like a transformation sequence on the last page, but didn't know about Sherlock Holmes having this perfect disguise ability.
I have no clue but this certainly looks like a transformation scene so maybe some kind of magician/quick change artist?
I wonder if the things on the front on the front of his costume ever get in the way....