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Thanks to Pokemontrainergigi for the avatar!
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Ummm.... Excuse me?..... I can see why people... might not want him around...
Susan, I don't think you understand. You could also very well be considered a "bad guy". I mean, just look at how you're treating your better half.
THe Protagonist can't be killed? Who established that rule?
February 20th, 2019
Oh damn.....
@Guest: The pipe kinda made me thing the caterpillar too for some reason.....
Seems like he's unhappy to do so, but to me is seems a Plan B is prepared, but he'd rather not have to use it.
January 13th, 2019
Holy crap, I'm actually up to date with this now.
I was thinking he was going to upload their personalities to a server of some kind..... this is actually somewhat evil though.....
November 14th, 2018
I kinda had a feeling things like this might happen. Lineage children from villains being treated poorly by "hero children" who think they're better. You already showed it a bit with Susan being treated a bit differently than Anna at first.
He may be in good company, but his servants/"friends" are not.
I like what you did with the hair on the corpse, with the tips now having a more red tinge where they're dipping into the blood, nice little detail.
It's not going to turn out to be Johanna ruining the knives herself so she has an excuse to get a new set is it....
oh dear......
Didn't this go from Mystery to Romance already?
Nah I'm pretty sure Leif is the rotten one
Woops, forgot a character trait for a second there Riley XD
Give them both knives and we can have even MORE fun!
For a second I thought the comic page just wasn't loading, then I scrolled down and it's HUGE.
I'm not sure about the smile, but I trust those eyes.
"Some foul villain." That seems like a little bit of an over exaggeration, but sure, let's roll with it.