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I make more music than comics. I hate that I can't draw.
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Your comments towards Dreamhost, though I'm sure are fuelled by disappointment and frustration, hurt my heart. They are consistently fantastic to me and my site.

Regardless, though I'm a rare commenter, I am a constant and faithful reader.
I always read, but rarely comment. This time, it's different.

Holy fucking fuck.
Why not go and read Zom-Ben/Pictures of You/Our Time in Eden and check out the stuff on ?

Because that's what we're doing now.
I am enjoying what I think is the 2nd Jane's Addiction reference. And one of my favourite songs, to boot!
So, people, once in a while, still check this site. The future of Pulp Stiktion is indefinitely up in the air. Would we love to keep doing it? Yes, we would. Can we? Not any time soon, that's for sure.

As we've stated before, we live 2-2.5 hours apart. We work different hours. We're busy with other stuff. What other stuff, do you ask?

Well! As I've posted this before, I guess I'll post it all again (deleted the old post).

Ben: Sir Ben is busy at work with ZomBen ( ), which most, if not all of you reading this right now should be very familiar with. If you've checked out ZomBen, you've also most likely seen Our Time in Eden, written by Gibson Twist and illustrated by Ben. Very excellent stuff.

Also of note is Gibson Twist's "Pictures of You", a fantastic, well-made comic. I'm talking all-around awesome.

Jordan (myself): I have my own blog, of sorts at . I post music there all the time, just random stuff I'm working on. My demo reel is also there with a bunch of projects I've worked on in the past. I'm always writing stuff in there, so check it out. It's a lot more happening than here.

So, I don't want to say "no" to future plans for PS, but I can't say yes.
Ah, yes
I commend you heartily on the choice of t-shirt. Ben, was that you?
Hey guy, you, like... just did.
So, does anyone know how to read, or what?

I JUST posted what was up with this comic.
Ok, for everyone to know...

Sam died, it was sad... and totally unrelated to why Pulp Stiktion isn't happening anymore. Unfortunately, Ben and I now live in different cities. Our apologies for not giving you any more stiktion (although you never know, might continue someday), but we just can't right now.
Please tell me that you're planning some sort of supernatural or psychic-based time travel...
Every time I see a page like this, and hear Ellis talk like she's talking now, I can't help but think that something supernatural is going to happen.

Thank you so much for this!
Yay Piano!! Yeah buddy.
My my, how strange is it that someone born AFTER THE 80'S has a difficult time relating to how a lot of kids were in THE 80'S.

Strange indeed.
I think she just needs to drink more milk.
Excellent t-shirt on the guy in the crowd.

Man, it must be so loud in there.
Who's O'Doyle?
Aja_uncommon -> If you'll notice, the lines are perfectly vertical and parallel to each other no matter how Tim is situated.
I'm really enjoying the vertical lines on Tim's shirt, in the last panel. Looks neat.
Very snazzy, very snazzy indeed.