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I like the zig-zagged speech bubble for the Computer!
This division sasses each other so much XD I love it
Just wanna say that Wake is placed perfectly on that hill. Not that I doubt your comic making skills, but idk it just looks like a really perfectly placed sprite :)
@CapedLuigisYoshi: I think he can carry it in his mouth, but opening it is another story
I'm back! ^-^ Oh wait no one cares or remembers me... Oh well :D

Glad to see another division getting the spotlight, and a new art contest! This one's gonna be good, I can tell!
Why does Shadik have a parasol? >_>
I'm surprised saying doughnuts didn't spark dumb-Caiya XD
Aw, you remembered me? ^-^ *honestly thought you hated me for some reason* XD

Congrats, sir! I look forward to future comics!
Sounds just like Dedede, great job :D
Ooh I caught that haha

I'd sign up to serve Dedede, but I don't wanna have a name like that...
I'm surprised it's Kaxo who wants to prepare for that birthday >_>

but Yay! Saia's probably my favourite! Glad she's going :D
@Guest: That would actually kinda make me sad :(
Finally caught up on this comic! :D
Finally caught up on this!

Remember me, Ulty, A long time fan? :D

Well this was an interesting segment. I really did enjoy it a lot! Can't wait for the next segment, good sir!
That's exactly what I would have done! Haha
Heh, and I just thought Talzo was really weak, or perhaps unprepared when attacking that first time. I didn't even think about the parasol being strong
Poor Saia and Not-Saia, feeling left out...I still think they're my favourites!
*holds up a cake with a 300 on it* Enjoy ^^
Questioning whether or not it's healthy? Ooh Saia, you're my favourite! Haha
The evil clone should have seen that blast coming, haha