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The Orange Cow
If you're hearing voices in your head, consider scheduling an appointment with a therapist.
A father, concerned over the well-being of his son, confronts what appears to be a stalker. For this, he will likely be killed.
Yeah, it looks like there was a whole crowd of them.
Nice! I can almost remember what the comic was about!
looks potentially interesting
They seem like more of an 'all or nothing' kind of group.
shoot him in the dick
If everyone else is fine, maybe the problem is you?
I... can't remember what was going on.
Kind of a douchy thing to say, huh?
"Get off my lawn!"
Undercover cop?
Don't even think of trying to dine and dash!
Maybe you should all just sit down on a body and talk this out.
"Not telling, lololol XD"
They're taking the whole 'messing with someone's soul' thing pretty lightly, huh?
Don't do it, messing with souls is bad. It's sad, but he's just going to have to learn to enjoy rawhides.
Virgin swol vs Chad SWOL
Virgin direct action vs Chad story time