The Orange Cow
It's all a government conspiracy. Area 52!

Also, thanks for the update!
Just remember for later, Yoni.
Finally managed to pick this back up. Thanks for the work you do on it!
Be sure to include all the juicy details!
Maybe if you say it louder he will understand you better.
Looks interesting! Thanks for posting!
Looks potentially interesting.
Those deers have been licking too many salt pillars.
Get to the chopper!
Thanks for the update!

Also, grats on finding pants, alien dude!
Lovely scenery!
He... might want to see a doctor.
Behold: their hoard of shiny stuff.
Looks like its time to go hunting, huh?

Also, thanks for the updates!
Love the expressions in the photo!
Now, at this point, the question is thus: is he completely oblivious of pretty much one of the most common horror tropes to ever exist? If so, then he'll fit in just fine with the typical protagonist this kind of story usually has.
His feet are very dainty. I bet Lorraine used to be jealous.
The neighborhood youth probably spilled jelly everywhere. Kids these days, right?
Lets hope she was out shopping.