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The Orange Cow
Will he be caught red handed?
Look at their eyes. They have no soul.
Looks potentially interesting.
Hey should get an eyepatch and wear it all the time.
The Orange Cow
December 10th, 2018
Knock on the door and run away.
Looks interesting! Fav!
Is this the disgruntled PR agent?
don't hit your finger
These poor, lipless savages...
Welcome to the year 2050!
tfw you wake up next to a septic system
Please tell me it isn't active...
Try Craigslist?
"But not if you're dead. :("
Smuggled, maybe?
Cheer up!
The Orange Cow
November 12th, 2018
Be sure to put pants on first.
Putting it inside a cardboard box or something?
Now would be a great time to pass out.
Just dump it in a random trash can and go about your life.