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The Orange Cow
holy shit it's not dead
Boss has an open curtain policy.
Try spicing things up by summoning an infernal being?
Hey now, stealing from the gift shop is kind of scummy.
watch out for scratches...
Wow, I didn't know this took place in the fourteen hundreds!
Looms interesting
Cops or pissed off roommate?
A year and a half goes by in a flash!
The necklace looks the most like mirror fragments, but that's assuming he isn't going to try and just steal everything.
10000 lashes.
He's being nice? Probably about to ask for something...
That feeling when the enemy casts 'reveal' and the game glitches and you get 'confused'.
I remember enjoying reading this a while ago, then putting it down, although I had plans to pick it up again at some point. Out of curiosity, will you be leaving this up, or taking it down?

Either way, thanks for the work you have done, and best of luck to your future endeavors!
lol, just noticed that label.
More fire, less people?
Disregard the giant bite mark.
Do not, under any condition, look up. Not without goggles.