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The Orange Cow
The Orange Cow
September 20th, 2017
Could this be foreshadowing things to come?
He probably smells like avacodos
Ask him if he can magic you up a new leg.
Anyone who dares to use the back right stove eye will be doomed to the curse of burnt carbon tasting food for the rest of their meal!
No boob for you!
Keep a running tally of all this, Yoni.
I guess he's dead. The end.
AWOL Waifu Panic!
100% completion or bust!
Into the soup!
If you don't show up to your dark art classes, how will you ever improve? Do you really want to be a starving dark artist for the rest of your life?
i cri errytim
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.
Angel waifu forever.
He's probably expecting a knife.
Someone's about to get a face full of it. :(