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The Orange Cow
Eat more fiber for faster suit-up!
The Orange Cow
April 16th, 2019
I hope he isn't vegan or something.
The hair styles are nice.
@nokonuuka: Out of curiosity, is the written version released or planned to be?
He probably should have at least tossed some neosporin or something on there. Watch out for gangrene!
I not quite sure if he's doing it intentionally, but Avery is super emotionally manipulative.
I guess it's nice that she's taking care of herself? Next she just needs to implement a health diet and light exercise, and things will be good to go!
I guess it takes 300 fans to cover the massive dong, huh.
Douchiness intensifies!
Brethren before wenches! Also. Avery, you are acting like a ho.
On one hand, Avery has no obligation to be with someone he doesnt want to be with. On the other hand, he's being a giant douch.
I guess it's nice that he's at least trying to do something. First steps and all.
Oh no. Love triangle drama is probably the last thing Avery needs right now.
Soooo... what? He's just going to be a line in boy toy for the foreseeable future? Is just talking really that hard?
Gonna just keep running? Le' sigh.
Every single one of these points are legitimate, and ignoring them will only make things worse. Living your life day to day(if you can even really call hanging around the house all day moping 'living') isn't always the best route. Judging from the black stuff at the bottom right corner, I'm going to guess Avery will have an emotional freakout within the next several pages, further putting off having to actually make a decision.