The Orange Cow
I want to know...
A throne? I guess that it's more for perching than sitting.
They must solve this with Mario Kart. It is the only way...
Ah, I guess chilling with angels is a thing around here, huh?
Wasting a perfectly good wolpertinger by burying it instead of stuffing it!?
What's wrong with a little casual stalking?
Cold resistance +2
This is all an elaborate plot. Yoni is actually part of the Illerminatti!
High in iron! Part of you daily balanced breakfast!
Look at all those pennies!
Someone was at work with a marker when that guy was asleep.
Be careful if you decide stay the night.
Try sniffing things till you find something familiar. That's how this kind of thing is supposed to work, right?
Just ignore it, it's probably just a coincidence.
Really? This is what we do? Thant tree gave you something to lean on in a moment of weakness, and you just punch a hole in it.

This is why we can't have nice things.
Considering the size of the paw, I'd expect that bite mark to be a lot bigger.
Go home, you're drunk!
Busy with what? Laundry?
Cryptic statements gogogogo!
Just tell out that no one's home.