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The Orange Cow
As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant him eyes, grant him eyes.

Thanks for posting! It was fun!
Should have kept it, quest reward.
That explains a a lot.
This level of explosion is what happens when you bring a gun into a gun free zone.
Yeah, just run straight into a thorny bramble patch.
consume his dik with ur but lul
Shit happens, huh?
He seems awfully accomidating, huh?
He wants dat body...
"You cant do that, this is a gun free zone!"
Be careful not to slam the door on the invisible cat!
Are other people able to see your cat?
I bet family get togethers are a barrel of laughs.
Bonk him back!!
You know, I had thought there was something off about the skin in the previous page.
Well, he isn't wrong...
He can smell fear...
Who is that snooping around Margarat's?