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It's a Steve Harvey reference! And...I love you Wizard Ant.
Catbot, why is Pittsburgh Steel Dog so much cooler than you?
Wow...Woot seems really evil in the last two comics. I didn't think that she had it in her.
Wizard Ant will get his just desserts! Or someone elses...since that what ants do.
I like it! Is that the Love Shack in the background?
Catbot sporting the bling bling!
You kids and your ponies...
Woohoo! Plugs galore! Thanks Joe!
Where will you get such a tiny wizard robe?
Sounds like someone still needs to send over a little Wizard Ant to a certain someone.
I would like to see this same exact comic, but with only Judamaru's thoughts. I bet that she's just happy to meet a man that tucks his shirt in. :)
I did vote for Wizard Ant and I don't regret it!

I am also quite enjoying Booth and Judamaru. Booth kinda reminds me of someone I know. Hmmmm...
February 20th, 2012
Rusty is so fashionable!
Wizard Ant!
Wow! This one is freakin' awesome. The reference sounds so SNES era RPG. Can't quite put my finger on it.
Good job! Definitely one of my favorites so far.
Sweet! An L7 cameo!
Maybe Amy can conjure up a bed for them!
Probably because it hasn't been revealed yet in the comic. Whoops...guess it is now.