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man in black
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He seems friendly
She looks so cute
Should of left the light off
Serves you right kid, just be lucky she didn't aim between the legs
Quite so
Especially for Steve
@artificer urza: I saw that, just didn't know that was the clue
Isn't that one of the fathers?
The fact that word exists is disturbing
Hopefully not religious crazy people. Likely something involving some violence. And one can only hope.
Guessing Danielle will relax once she can be out of vamp mode
Good to see you back to making comics Milo
Research is always good
Better to burn them, then have Ghouls on the loose
And... He's down
Yup, Steve is about to prove them wrong
Watch out for those shadows. Sorry to hear about the financial problems
Steve has this figured out
There in for a fight now
Quite a contrasts in the last 2 panels