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YA writer. Artist. Pianist. Christ follower. Martial artist. Student of Japanese & Chinese. Nerd/Gamer. I'm a mixed bag, and will always try to be there for others.
Thanks for visiting my profile! Please feel free to check out my comics too! I'd appreciate it very much. I really try my best in all of them, so any and all support is welcomed!
Those flowers look so sad. :C
@Alianna013: C:
Your comments make me so happy~ Haha, thank you!
@Alianna013: Haha, thank you very much~! It's an honor to have you read it. c:
@Alianna013: :3
Thank you so much!
Really, Ainsley, you should know better than to scare him like that.
He deserves that hug. Totally deserves it.
Your art is sexy.
So, not the princess-like beauty you expected, huh, Yasa?
Really, boy. You should've been able to tell that she's not exactly Princess Peace in the first few seconds alone.
Where I live we haven't had any rain in over a year . . . Heck, the term rain is becoming archaic now. We prefer to call it "sky water". It is a strange, foreign occurrence.

Cain's eye-twitch is activated by his tactlessness!
Lol, adorasluts. Never heard that one, but I guess it fits!
Can't wait for more. c:
Ooh, I can't wait to see what they do with her!
And so it begins. C:<
Your coloring is so wonderful!
I see that you're straight as an arrow, son. XD
They're so adorable.
Can't wait for more! And lol, snack bar. XD
Check it out!
Yasa's in for a nasty awakening. . . C:<

On another note, there's a great comic artist I discovered recently, and you should all go check him out. He has two comic on SJ, The Sixth Bar and Lindenbergh.
LB -
They're both spectacular, and I can guarantee you'll like 'em. C:
October 2nd, 2011
@godmoderncommander: Lol, I'm guessing your pleased? XD