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:c that feel when you read everything in one sitting and there's no more next button
I'm so happy to see a new page! It's still beautiful!
:C find someone nicer
Yes, cry Keisuke, you deserve it for trying to make Seki feel bad for his feelings >:l
get a r00m
geez guys making out in public watchu doin
Imagine dying with cake all over your face tho

what happened to him? idk
the only evidence is these traces of desert
mm vanilla
@Daisie2819: aha, don't worry you weren't being stupid ^^ It was a valid point, just not relevant in the big picture of ~carpedieum feels~. I know I would've felt pretty blown off in Naoto's situation. Then again they've been best friends long enough that maybe they just don't care. I feel bad I said anything at all lol sorry you got bombarded I was too lazy to read other comments and see a bunch of other people already told you the same thing =w=
August 11th, 2013
Well there's you luckily :'D
I think its obvious from the up and down relationship he has with the Kurogawa from Carpediem that he only likes one of them anyway
@Daisie2819: I think it's more that hes trying to protect Naoto's privacy?? Naoto would be humiliated if he confessed his love for Kurogawa while the two of them are there, its supposed to be a private conversation. The twins are being kind of inconsiderate for eavesdropping. Chris is in a tough spot D: idk man I think you're just looking at it the wrong way.. he cant let them hear a something naoto is telling him as a friend and its not the best time to say he secretly met up with them =w= oh chris
Welcome back Crimson!! Take your time c:
they are judging you Tommy XD
omg this page >w<.. I think my favorite characters are the random customers, they are the icing on the gourmet cake that is this comic XD.. it would not be complete without their nosy antics :')
Omg you're such a tease Crimson D: Have a nice trip ~
I just keep thinking that Shizu needs a haircut xD .. I never expected that there would actually be twins! I thought about it but I figured that it wasn't likely, and now I'm pleasantly surprised at the direction this is going in c:. Looking back all the signs are more obvious, I can't believe I didn't figure it out. I think I know how its going to end up with Naoto though based on things earlier in the comic ;>
@Leafy Savanna Chan: Ohhhh thanks!
June 20th, 2013
@Sheilkuroi: Whoa O_O I even went back and looked over the comic and I don't remember ever seeing that page.. I don't know what happened aha sorry..
June 20th, 2013
I'm confused as to since when he knew Kleio was a guy o_o
@Leafy Savanna Chan:
Whoa whoa whoa O_O pregnancy scare?? I don't remember any such thing, when was that? >_<
Aww i thought of that before (the scar thing). Poor Aki I hope he never has to feel ashamed of his face >o< Good luck Aki ;A;