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Ara...Watashi no namae wa Arata Amaya desu! Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! *bowbow*
I am a "manga artist in training" I suppose you could say. x]
I love yaoi and comments.

Oh! If anyone has any photoshop hints on coloring or toning, please PM me. xD

Be seeing you! :3
Oh God. I hope everything works out for the better.
Don't even bothering thinking about this comic right now.
So inconspicuous. xD
She's adorable. I want to glomp her! <3
I'm sorry everyone, but this comic just won't flow for me.
I've made a new comic though, so please, if you could be so kind, just check it out!
I'd be forever thankful!

Shade and sweet water!
~Arata Amaya
They float in a void of white!

While they're supposed to be in a bathroom...-3-
Sam is cross eyed? 0.o
Everyone point and laugh at Sophie in the bottom panel!

lawls at fashion confusion!
I don't like backgrounds? :3
Val's a creeper.

And Sophie curses like a sailor.
I have to say I am proud of thsi cover page.
I just love how Sohpie came out.
Just putting that out there. xD
And so it begins...again!
I came across one of my old comics and I'm redoing it for my friend. ^-^
I've edited the plot and story some, but it's basically the same.
I hope you all enjoy
Fantastic, of course! ^-^

And the warm colors work! =]
Great thinking.
I'm not dead...I think.
So, I'm glad I could actually get this bugger up!
My computer's still recovering from being attacked. @_@

I know I haven't been on, but I don't want this to die, and I have a bit of an idea.

It's kind of X-Men meets Heroes meets Push.

Lily Manor is an all-girl's boarding school/college for the "gifted". (<That is obviously a tip to X-Men.) The students have been born with amazing gifts--powers.
The school was created to help them control these powers, but there are companies which either want them dead, or turned into weapons.

There's my idea.

And this was the first time I ever used MangaStudio *shoots self*
It was actually really difficult.
It doesn't look rushed at all!
I still love it.

Yeah. Claire looks like she was gotting to chop at his neck. lol
Though fat lady is pissing my off, the "Fraulein" line made me giggle.

I love is so far! Your art is wonderful! =]
"Blah blah worry fret"
Love it! lol
Only eleven more pages? I'll cry when this ends!
August 31st, 2008
Oh. My. God!! Yay for Ewan McGregor! <3

I love this comic!
Yay! College! I love this comic so I can wait any amount of time for updates. :3

Oo! *jumps up and raises hand* I'd join a contest!
How freaking adorable! <3
How many times have I said I love this comic!?!?! =D