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Just a prank bro!
@Nieidanine: Thanks <3<3 I try hard to draw her perfect every time
@Sofysenpai: Thanks, I'm flattered hahaha
@wanderingboredom: I'm sorry.....
@Volfa: Well it's true she got infected quite recently ;)
Some petty stuff like peeling bananas from the wrong end I bet
Gee thanks
@Tissa: He's just a troll, don't feed him
@zetina: Thank you so much for the kind words <3
@Maaria: Haha so many people think it's poison! That's... interesting??
Here comes the MONEYYYY
@Tissa: Ohhh this is an interesting idea but, alas :D
Medical science!!
Ohh you will pay for that sick burn
Look at lil pulitzer boy here
@Tissa: @Fretti: Aww thanks guys, I'm glad <3
Life got in the way, have a sketch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Scene chaaaaange
Godspeed, kid.
@Tissa: Haha I don't know this meme but sounds like fun
@gentlechaos: @RazorD9: @Kharolldie: @Lucarvee: Oh my god, I wanna say do whatever you like but that's a scary ass image lol
@hop: Oh yeah I deliberately do that a lot, cool that you noticed!
Every breath you take... 👀
@Rurina: Oh wow, I didn't expect anyone to catch it but that's basically what I intended! It's not like he'd enjoy making a girl cry haha