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Haphazard Updates For Now
Yeah sorry I havent been doing anything, but using the digital method is always a bit slower as well as my inability to stick to one plot line. :I
This is what happens when I try this hard for perspectives and interesting angles.

The next three pages are in progress, so don't worry.

I was beginning to fear you were gone forever!

Welcome back!
Bleh Bleh Bleh BLEH

I did this completely on the computer so I have no excuse over the wavy lines other than I don't know where straight edge is on my software...ehehe...
I'm considering switching styles back and forth from either completely hand drawn and completely digital - makes things easier, faster, and, in my opinion prettier.
Finals are Coming!
Sorry, one was all I could get done. Shit is crazy busy up in here and I'm having problems focusing on the pages (as you can plainly see DX)

Short break, then, da? I'll upload what I can but damn I'll be busy for the next few weeks
Happy Veterans Day
Have a Filler Page as an apology.

I actually looked at pictures of guns to draw this one. Fancy, eh?
: I
God I love the purple-pink color of his blood. Why can't people bleed magenta? Red's an awesome color and I don't even like pink but I would be psyched if I bled magenta.
: I

Gotta watch for flying rocks, Riga, jeez.
: I

Color! Glorious half-assed color!
: I
FOUR arms?! How unexpected!
Larry you poor fool.
New Beginnings
As stated in the short exerpt, I mean for this to be short, as the story is a short one, but I've had problems with the whole "short" thing. XD
Here we go!

I'll digitally color what I can...but the first few pages shall be black and white. panels...
She's amazing.

Don't blame her. I'd want to protect all the children too.
That alarm struck terror in me as a child.
I didn't like letting ANY of them faint ever.

Hehe...even though that made me cringe the realistic pikachu/onix battle made me laugh.
I saw all the pages you updated and thought 'Oh yay! Trips!' But I guess not.
Wonderful pages, wonderful comic so far.
Aw, what the heck, YAY! TRIPS!
People making out EVERYWHERE Danny! I sense a pattern! Quick! Hide! O_O

haha, I love their dialogue.
Instant Fav+
This is the best!
: D
... ...I'M ON FIRE!!! (if this joke has been posted on previous pages I apologize)

Aw man, loving this domino effect. THAT'S FOR STINGING ME IN THE LEG YA PESTS! >:D
Glad you're feeling better!

"That sounds like Beedrill! And Buterfree!"
Oh yes, there most certainly are some beedrill and butterfree. XD
I like the BREEEEEENT part too.