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green haired fae
I live in a basement and spend the majority of my time on the computer or asleep.
Hopefully, my computer won't break again. I'm gonna be in school again though so, I will be busy and I'm gonna probably be sporadic again. But I love you and thank you for sticking with me.
@Annie: ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN TIME *insert evil laugh*
That question has been floating around in my head lately.
@melaredblu: Well, they are headed to a place that is literally called "the cages".
@Annie: Thank you :D
@Annie: Thank you!

As to characters... One of them was the main character from the jail chapter... the other one we've already seen with trees!
INTERSECTING PLOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Annie: It is, thank you :)
@melaredblu: Thank you.
@Annie: Yeah, I got pretty lazy with them.
@Ryan: HI! Thank you for reading.
The storyline is a bit tricky because the comic has a lot of plots that eventually all intersect at the cages which will actually be explained more fully once our main character and Solis arrive there.
The chapters with Annae are a version of Cinderella, and other chapters contain allusions to other fairytales, which are going to be a reoccurring theme within the comic.
Thank you for reading again!
@melaredblu: Thanks :)
@Annie: Thanks :)
Yep. That's Sylvia's dress.
It's late again
But that painted quality is back!
@melaredblu: That is the crux of Aletha and Cassandra's character differences. Aletha enjoys being above everyone but Cassandra doesn't understand why people don't understand her and it upsets her that they don't listen to her.
@Annie: Yes, I did make Cassandra's eyes not swirly on this page on purpose but it is not because she realized she was making Aliyah uncomfortable. When her eyes stopped swirling she realized it, not before. The order of things is important for understanding what's going on.
Furthermore, the clocks in the last panel of page 59 are in fact the same clock.
These things are important for understanding what's going on with Cassandra.
@melaredblu: It was a decent a response as a reasonable person could expect from a person presented what Aliyah was presented with.
@Annie: They do have that lack of understanding about other peoples' boundaries thing in common though don't they? Although it's for different reasons. Aletha think that other peoples' boundaries are for stupid reasons and Cassandra doesn't realize that they're there until she's already crossed them.
Also, I am thinking that I accidentally did the whole thing that the artist for death note did with L, and Cassandra is cute as a result. Oh well. I hope you all like her because I like her.
@Viva la Revelution: Thank you.
@Annie: Cassandra experiences time a bit differently from the rest of us and doesn't understand how the rest of us experience it. Things may become clearer later, but Cassandra's behavior is very much so not supposed to make sense at this point. The things she says will make sense later on in the story.