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Princess Peachie
Name: Ruth Brain
Birthday: 4th June 1990
From: UK

Pets: Angel the rabbit

Personality: Ditsy, clumsy, mad, friendly,
playful, loving, annoying, arty.

Hobbies: Drawing, computers, video games, day dreaming, HELLO KITTY!!! (=^_^=)

Fave Emotidrops: Lovidrop, Darkidrop, Moodidrop, Happidrop, Luckidrop, Blushidrop.
Fave comics: Cute and cuddly approach with an evil or mysterious side. Muahahahaha!

Quote: "I'M ONLY HUMAN!!!... *pause*... and part mongoose."

Uhh... and?: KAWAAAAAAIIIIII!!! -^__^-
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I don't understand what you're trying to say, Oyer.
This joke's been done. Not really funnt this one I apologise.
Hehehe, don't wory Blingmobile- I've still got one more old one to put up and then I can start fresh with a blingidrop.
Thanks for posting so much, Angelic Lily. It helps to keep me going. ^_^ *hugs* <3
OMG a blingidrop would actually be funny!!!! I might do it next. :D With lots of jewellery on and bling!

A beanidrop.... not sure how I would do that one LOL! But thankies for the idea. :D
Princess Peachie
October 16th, 2006
WHEYYYY animated Oyer! But dont' make all new ones like this because we love the stills. ;) Good job tho, Flash is awesome huh? ^_^
Sorry this must be really confusing... But at least everything is being explained before the big cool journey with lots fo action and stuff. LOL
Sorry. XD *hugs*
But I'm gonna make quite a lot regularly, so I may as well. ^.^;;
LOL sorry- it was they were the only eggman sprites I could find when he wasn't sitting in a machine.
Thank you! <3 ^_^
I like your avatar! ^_^
There was already samuraidrop.... I know it ain't the same, but still. :p
Aww I thought this was so cute. Maybe I made it TOO cute though. O_o
That's come into my mind many times Kyu, but because I do a lot of copy- and pasting with face expressions etc, it would take forever. Plus, I've got quite fond of these crappy old drawings. ^.^
Haha, I'm a girl! But thank you so much- I just do what I do, lol. ^_^
Oh!!!! I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! *cries*

In case you didn't see it, there's a little celebration 'welcome back' emotidrop comic before this (number 112)
It's really hard to get good-quality pics from a small TV. Sorry for such bad quality guys. >_<;;
Again, Nintendo's official artwork- not mine. Hope that's okay, because so many people use this picture and Nintendo don't seem to mind at all.
I obviously didn't draw these pictures- they are copyright Nintendo.

I just played around with them in Photoshop to make a fancy front cover. ^_^;;
WTF peachie??!
Did Peachie lose her hands?
Did her computer break?
Did her house explode?
Did she get hit by a manically-laughing car with spikey headlights and a toothbrush?

...She merely lost interest.

And now, after nearly a year, she has returned. Feeling rather shameful. For now she is quite a popular pixel doll artist ( ), and feels awful thinking that she used to draw as low as this.

But, alas, she has decided to continue with the Emotidrops after all these months, keeping the cheap MS Paint-like pixellated look as it ever was.
YES!!! Luff this one...