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hi, i make stoopid comics xD
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i personally like the pig among them all lol xD
February 6th, 2013
@salis: better than the stuff selling in bookstores?!?!?! asdfghjklwjoewdcoewmdcoew
Im know im not really that good, there's a lot more to learn hehe, it's a long way xD
but really thank you, salis, for such a lovely comment, and also for your support. im glad you like it ;D
its that girl in the halloween comic! :D

congratulations on reaching 50 comics :3
get ready for some egg actions
January 31st, 2013
@Scarce Rose: does he look like him? O_O
ohh goosshhh i really fail in drawing different male faces xD
January 31st, 2013
@inubasket: thanks :)
the truth is, my brother told me i cant write a good romance... :(
which is true anyway hehe so here i am practicing on cheesy stuff >.<
and she disappears like batman~
sorry for the lack of updates, school's been in the way
and im also working on a new webcomic, check it out if you like:
( its not really gonna be as fun as coz were frendz, its a shoujolicious shoujo xD)

@scarce rose: they did somethin just kiddin
you'll see :3
@inubasket: yeah i agree with you XD
@salis: thanks so much! :D
where did that prince come from? O_O
sorry for disappearing,i've been so busy with school.

anyway grey and coco have known each other since they were six, well 7 for coco since he's a year older.
... im a loser baby, so y dont you kill meh...
-"loser" by beck

this page reminded me of that song >v<
nahh its cool.... So glad ur back!
cant wait for the updates!:D
oh yes! tagalog! :D
i dont get it... is he trying to break the door or something?
extra updates before i go on a major hiatus >.<
love at first sight!~ xD
ang gandaaaaa! *o*
anggling mo mgdrawing ng kamay... paturo, master! :D
yep. they're done. they have now "broken up". xD
@inubasket: awweeee thank you so much! *hugs*
im glad cwf makes u happy, dont worry there are still summer breaks to look forward to :)
January 4th, 2013
omg an update! :D
myygaawwddd jun's face! hahaha xD