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I'm probably a person named Bob. Or Reilly. Maybe.
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    Reilly Alik Parker
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Awesome! First!
Were I in her position and had money, I'd buy all that crap, if only because it looks cool.

Also that mug is cute XD I love it when artists add in little things like that!
@scottwm: Ah, alrighty then, I can wait =) It's better knowing that I can get it eventually than not at all ^^;
If I knew anything about couriers I'd suggest it to you, sorry.
Would you ever be selling this comic over the internet? If I were to somehow raise the funds to go to the Philippines and this con, I would not have the money to buy this comic. Or food. Or a way back to the states.
Nice job there, you articulated your thoughts beautifully, really.
October 11th, 2012
Aaaagghh why must all the cool webcomic artists be at Yaoicon while I'm stuck on the opposite coast D=

Cute page XD
September 16th, 2012
I love how that doesn't answer her question
I wonder what kind of music's playing O.O

Soki when you start getting creeped out by being alone in a bathroom, /get out of the bathroom/.
I laughed so loud XD Your brother is a true genius haha
@Random Shortie: The son of Slenderman and Pedobear
The pink is from Splendorman
Damn and I thought the storm floods here Guatemala were bad D= I hope it stopped raining by now! I'd donate but all my money is currently in my Grandma's hands in the form of Quetzales
Both sexy as shit.

True story.
April 17th, 2012
Sweetie I don't mean to be nit picky but... If he's bringing the sun down... wouldn't the daylight be in front of him? And the night be behind him? Or am I thinking about this weird?

good page though ^^ Is he going to play hero?
Pfffffft that is one of the best random sex facts I've ever learned
No wait I shouldn't be laughing. This is a tragic story.

....... I think the word "boobs" clued me off that it wasn't yours >>
Everything in this comic strip makes me laugh, except the bear/raccoon/panda/insert-fuzzy-animal-name-here hat. That thing is creeping me out
Though that reaction is more fun than the over dramatic "Ohhh nooooeeessss" people do.
I don't tend to make the connection that a bad character is female ^^; I'm not saying that females can't be bad characters or do bad things, I'm saying that when I see it, I don't tend to associate the gender when them.... A bad character is a bad character.
I'm rambling ^^; But don't worry, you are understood~!

Stupid >< I'd backhand slap Ken so hard right now were he not fictional and able to eat me!
...... What?



I love this comic so much ;A; It's like the first ever webcomic I've ever read DON'T TAKE AWAY MY NOSTALGIA!!!!! You are doing absolutely wonderful please don't end it!!
Goddamn I need to learn how to stop lurking >< I'm too embedded in my stalkerish ways.
Had an inception moment there 0.0
Personally I would have gone with the hiding method and come back every week to make sure its still there o3o